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A ladybug just landed on my head #goodluck
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Zombie ladybugs still like brains! 
That is very good luck! It's especially good luck if the ladybug returns. =)
yah you r lucky! you can see im commenting on this! yah its really lucky.......... :-)
Interesting link, +David C. Smith! My gran had one the other day that followed her inside a building just to land on her -- through an elevator ride and all. lol
Just wait for the rest of the ladybug swarm to show up.
From Venezuela I adore and admire you with all my heart
Thank God..... its was just a ladybag not any flower pot?
wish im the lucky one

Predikat secara keseluruhan
Only good luck if it's the red one, the orange ones aren't
i have a elephant!!.... i dont want go to work!!!!!.. XD... cheeeerrsss
lucky, i need luck i slept 0 last night and i have to ride my bike to school in pouring rain
awwwww........that is so cute!!! You cant find ladybugs any more... :(
get a ladybug clip for your head, it will suit u :)
Amaka K
OMG ME TOO! except mine weent in my drink.....that cost me 4.99.....
wow that never happend to me..
go for the lottery ticket for fun lol
A ladybug landed on my guitar while I was writing a song in my front yard. It was pretty awesome. Hadn't seen one in a while.
awww cute little red and black poker dotty miracles ^_^ xxxxx
iMeet the first lady airs soon right???
Hi Miranda. Just wanted to let let you know how much my kids like your show, iCarly. Thank you. It is a funny and fun show. Anyway, the ladybug might be a good sign of things to come, you never know.
u already have enough luck u got ur own show!!! lol
Awesome I love butterflies 
miranda you are beautiful I love you too much blow a kiss to Jennette McCurdy, Nathan Kress, Jerry Trainor, Noah Munck

Ana Clara kisses your biggest fan

I love you
haha thats weird... where were u when it happened???
Madie B
i'm am very happy for u! but i don't belive in luck yet
luv it when little things like that happen but it makes ur entire day :)
Miranda your gay i saw you with Jenette Mcurdy in the closet
i wish i could be on icarly. that would be such a huge blessing
are you really Miranda Cosgrove because i only made an account yesterday xx
اhi please send me your lirics
Ah so cute did u count its spots i have seen you on drake and josh and Icarly
Send me your lyrics to all the songs please i am your biggest fan
lol thats halarious and weird at the same time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hahaha they prob land on my head while I sleep because every winter a billion of them form on my ceiling because my room is the warmest. It's annoying but still cool
That means good luck? I'm Mexican xD I don't knew it
that happened to me and i found a 10 dollar bill on the ground
Sorry but... how old are you?
I'm 16
and live in England.
We should hangout some time, you look and sound like a nice a girl, but Selena is a bit more better as we talk more.
I'm only saying this as i haven't got a response, but as soon as i do you instantly become the same.

Sorry i'm bored, i really did not mean to say or harm you in any way :)
hahahaha kari perez lol means laugh out loud lol
Maybe she wants to do a little "girl talk" :-P
You know what is the most attractive thing on your face?
Miranda ,I wish you were my night light . (just wishing) !
Edd Lo
That reminds me of moments alos enjoy watching iCarly
Hey Miranda, I think that I am a very good singer and was wondering if you could visit my page see a video of me singing. Give me some feedback right away!
BTW I'm a MAJOR HUGE FAN OF ICARLY!!!! Even my grandma laughs at it!!!!!!
hahahahaha miranda esta muy rica... le cabe por esas nalgas♥♥
Nice, I love ladybugs, now you'll have good luck :-), I'm your biggest fan Miranda your sooo awesome!!!
Eh... Well i guess miranda is approchable and looks friendly... But her photos really change the way me and my collegues thing about her... She's about a 6 out of 10 on a scale of reality from TV similarity... The icarly show is ok though... I guess...
i think your really funy, pretty, and an awesome actor! :) im 1 of ur biggest fans!
This is lovely, a bee landed on my hand when I went to let it out once. I love bees.
Edd Lo
ladybug confused you a rose garden?
i have stinkin ladybugs all up in my house.. #notcool lol..
omg your mirand cosgrove can you do something horse like on tv i would love you even more and i dont know how thats possible
I found one on the tv in my kitchen today(: lol
we use the word "landed " to notify the action coming down to the Land. So if she landed on your head it is not really landed she "Headed" on your had. cheers your pave the way to find a new word to our Dictionary.
on Land : Landed
on Head : Headed Ah ah ah hah hah hah How is it??????? may be funny!!!!!!1 do not worry though you understand or not.
nao sei q ta escrito mais espero q seja legal rs precisa de jogar no tradutor do goolge eu curto mt seu trabalho bj
HEY MAM WHATS UP.......................
Tay Tay
me 2 there was 10 on mine
i didnt get luck cause i fell off my bike and face first into a curb but wat was luck that i didnt break anything and i lost little blood but now i can only really eat teddy grams:(
love you, love your program and would like one day you have a special video to Brazil ...
kisses kisses .. Big fan of his.
A: Bianca Wagner
AGE: 11.
i saw a ladybug on my ceiling this morning it fell on my brothers head and i was laughing histarically
mmm and apologize for that and if I am fan of yours but that is not interesting
hola Soy un gran fan tuyo tienes una hermosa voz
I have had ladybugs flying in my bedroom for the past 2 weeks now.. I don't know where they are coming from?? My youngest daughter catches them and lets them go outside...She tells me, "Mommy, they are good luck, you aren't aloud to kill them." I just smile at her because it is soooo cute!!
hi was woundering if you will add me im not a 40 who hacks or rapes etcc.. im just a 13 year old kid who used to live in nyc
hi i am hamed
loooooooooooveeeeeeeeee meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
i love lady bugs too random laura sims who also said that
Hey Miranda hows Icarly... can i be added to your cirle cause that would be AWSOMENESS
Oooooh! Good luck, Miranda! Wait...was it yellow?
Q Bick
cute! I love ladybugs, too!
haha yes i do watch drake and josh she is megan
Lol, that's kind of funny VERY GOOD LUCK :)
I had a Lady Bug in my jacket today! lol
Bu kadar kişiye,şaşıyorum,neden,iyi güzel,olanı görmezler..
who are u?are u an actor? do u have a famous name in your country??! plz let me know...thanks
Ari E.
the ladybug shall help you through tough times!
Do you know the word "ladybug" is known in north America only? but this word or another "ladybird" has a nice historical meaning. Thanks for this post, its an exercise for English:-)
its more interesting if you know in our country instead of "ladybird", the name of this insect is "cobbler or boot-maker"!!and I don't know whyyy?!
hola miranda me gustaría que me enviara su facebook o su mensajero por favor. ya sea por correo o por mi correo electrónico es: elprincipedeladulce75pena@LIVE.COM.MX
you look sooo pretty i wish you were still acting on tv...............................
Hello Miss.Cosgrove Happy holidays. To my and to my sister us success pleases iCarli, very much.
Hi and q did you icarly I love you too you and you and others and warns the frediie q i love him
beauty is born not to made u r most beautiful like a sweet doll
miranda eres unica te mando un beso soy de paraguay add al msn i love
"carpe diem quam minimum credula postero"
Happy 2012!!!
hey may frien miranda csgrove you pag is biutifull
miranda I'm your big fan leaves his autograph in my notifications, please
Who thinks miranda cosgrove is the most beautiful woman in the world give +1 (I gave mine)
hello my name is Miranda Louise I speak French and I love watching iCarly on TV and I think you is a great actress) is so cool you Miranda! XD I adore you and j'èpère you gonna read this comment and that you will answer them:)
i really feel sorry for you. i bet your notifications are constantly blowing up with people who dont even truly know you trying to get you to add them, call them, or whatever. im almost 98% positive i will never hear a word from you and common sense would tell these other people they most likely wont either. anyways, just kinda always wanted to tell someone that. have a nice day (:
Thats so cool. No wonder all the new iCarlys turned out great!
Hi Mirnda.My name is Ala.I'm from Poland.
haha thts happened to me before i luv watching i carly!!
good luck eh? I've heard that before
ahhhhhh a cute little ladybug ......on your head
and i just realized that i was following you its ok tho you seem cool enough
hey girl how r u and what happened to icarly
are you really ( Miranda ) ???
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dancing crazy rocksssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
is it true that icarly is gonna end in november?
last comment yay oh wow
Fg Karl
keep up da great work miranda
I was photographing a wedding, recently, when a ladybug landed on the wedding cake.  Now, if that isn't good luck, I don't know what is!
Please don't end iCarly! We love that show! A lot of people do! Even if you do have to make it end, still keep memories from it! 2 weeks I will be watching the final and I don't want to miss it! BTW- 500th COMMENT! XD
Dylan G
please please please add me in friends circle Miranda your the best
Lol Miranda. I wish you made a comeback on iCarly coming back from Italy with your "dad".
that means good luck correct right miranda
It is not on any more why !!!!
Hello, I always enjoy your show, iCarly.Keep it up.I love you.
OMG I love icarly,Miranda , and nickelodeon
miranda is awesome you participate whit 1d
eli o
Ha No
Hi plz follow
fuck off ppl i want to be the last comment
yodoo one last episode of icarly and tell sam that shes not better looking then you but shes tell hot
500th comment! and I like Miranda SINGS better
why did you think this was worth sharing??
i want to be the last comment pls no one comment after me