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Gifts or Giver?
(Photo from We’re
surrounded by so many blessings, we sometimes take them for granted. Generally,
around the winter holidays, we see an upsurge on social media, extolling the
virtues of thankfulness, and that’s great. Sometimes it even st...

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Write Anyway
(photo from Writing,
whether in blog format, or journaling or for a project, taps into my soul and
my spirit, even when I’m not aware of it. I
suppose that’s why I neglect writing when I’m hurting or sad or fearful. God
wants me to turn t...

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What's In Your Closet?
(picture from Last week our pastor made mention of a book
that intrigued me. I haven’t gotten it yet, but, I took note of it. From a
Women’s Aglow Bible study, it’s called Shame; the Thief of Intimacy. Sometimes shame, like other negative fee...

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Complaining In The Cocoon
guess our cocoon experience seems longer than that of a butterfly, but,
proportionately, maybe it’s not. Though
some may find caterpillars fascinating little creatures, few would say their
beauty and abilities even rival that of the butterfly. I’ll adm...

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Virginal Innocence, Got It?
(photo from Wise Virgins;  Our Innocence The very thought of ourselves being innocent might
make us laugh, at least to ourselves. How long has it been since I was
innocent? That’s exactly what happened to me when a dear friend referred to me

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Is God Still God?
God still God when “He doesn’t answer our prayers”? The
short answer – yes! But,
since when do I use short answers? When
we pray, particularly when we pray for someone else, or over a situation
involving someone else, they continue to have the freedom to...

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City Lights
( Last
night, as I find myself quite often, was incredibly tired. A well-spent day led
to a lazy evening. After I packed my husband’s lunch, I gazed out my kitchen
window. The view of the well-lit expanse that sold us on this house never

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( “Answered
prayers are all about one thing, us drawing closer to God.” – An enlightening
line from the young man’s sermon tonight at Friendship Assembly of God here in
Colorado Springs, Pastor Brad. “We
keep knocking, seeking and asking to ke...

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The Desert Call
( Jesus
didn’t just wander into the wilderness, He was led there by the Spirit of God.
It wasn’t a wrong turn. Why
do we run from our wilderness experiences as if landing there was a mistake? Why
are we owned by our circumstances when ...

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A Peek Inside
(photo from Now,
looking back, I see I may have set out to do something without asking God if it
was even something He wanted me to do. It seemed like the right thing to do. It
was something I would do instinctively; surely, it would be easy ...
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