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Higher, stronger, faster!
Higher, stronger, faster!

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Tiny excerpt from a great weekend with +Jan Rouš+Daniel Hottinger , and newfound friends :)
Red Rocks 22-23/11/2014
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Very few things make me laugh out loud. Madonna rules, תרתי משמע :)
"Happy Purim!!!!! All Hail All Queens! ##certainty" -Madonna

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Tali Gutman commented on a post on Blogger.
שי, מה עם פינת הליטוף? אם אי אפשר להתלטף עם צ'ינצ'ילות, אז גן החיות התנכ"י לוקח ;)

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Proud to have been part of the amazing Google Trends team on this one!

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Like people, so are nations and states. Everyone has their vices, and oh, how people enjoy pointing those out...
Rarely, one would stand up and talk about values - and not vices.
Neither of us are saints, nor are we martyrs. We (every non-radical person who just wants to live his or her own life) are just people, trying to survive under a constant threat of terror, be it near or far.
In hopes of a day in which terror organizations and their code of conduct will no longer be a force to be reckoned with in this world.

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This new feature of "Hot on Google +" sucks.
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