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Julie Sparks
stay at home mom of 2 on the autism spectrum
stay at home mom of 2 on the autism spectrum

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Highly unlikely more will be forthcoming from "Julie's Boyz" so message me if you want to keep in touch and we don't know each other in real life.

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A really sweet family needs a little help.  Please consider donating a little something!
A Need In Our Life
I have put off writing this post.  I don't like sharing our needs.  It is humbling for me.   Every once in a while we have a big need in our life we can't meet no matter how much we want to, or try.  Usually, it is for equipment for Antonio.  It usually is ...

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This is a bit of a "bragging" post for me, but I am so proud of how far my boyz have progressed lately!!!

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My boyz are growing up (and up and up and ....)
Both my boyz are going to be tall.  That has never really been in doubt.  With hubby just under 6'1" and myself at 5'8" and both of the boyz over 9 lbs at birth, we just knew they were going to be big.  Now Joe has hopefully stopped growing at 6'3" (but may...

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Bring on the arguments folks but I still want a cure ...

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Why the cure analogies are invalid
Most of the time, when someone expresses a desire for a "cure" to the autism community, one of the neuro-diversity (ND) folks says, "If you want to cure your child with autism, you are no better than the religious extremist parents who try to pray away thei...

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This is a remarkably unbiased account of the recent events in Ferguson and I wish more people would wait for the final verdict before judging.

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Lately I've been spending way too much time overthinking things.  I worry about what I comment on other people's blogs and I worry about what I write on my own.  I don't like to offend people and it seems like some people are so easily offended. I thought a...

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When losing feels like winning
Joe recently learned about betting.  Now he wants to bet us about everything. "I'll bet you a quarter that our team wins tonight." "I'll bet you a quarter that Diesel is sleeping on my chair again." Thank goodness his favorite bet is a quarter! Last Sunday ...

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TBT -- More Monkey Pictures
Welcome to Throwback Thursday -- blog style!  This post originally ran on December 13, 2012.  Here you can see why we finished our basement the way we did ! More Monkey Pictures   As promised ... more Alan monkey pictures! See the plywood on the left side? ...
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