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Mike DiGiovanni
I am a LeEco Champ. I receive their products from time to time, but my opinions are my own.
I am a LeEco Champ. I receive their products from time to time, but my opinions are my own.

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Heads up notifications seem to be broken for me. At first I thought it was a Note 8 issue, but after some other testing and device resetting, I can't get heads up notifications to show for Inbox or Outlook (easiest to test) and a few other apps. Hangouts and a few others seems fine. But Inbox/Outlook/etc... just show up in my notification drawer without a popup. They make their sound and vibrate, on devices with a pebble, the pebble gets notified.

I've reset a ton of devices
Any thoughts on how to debug this? Even suggestions for apps that are easy to trigger notifications would be great.

Currently resetting an s7 and trying a different account.
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what's a good android finance tracker w/ syncing between multiple devices?
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have you guys run into blocking features w/ Android Things for putting together an device for production usage? stability on the rpi3 seems rock solid and API wise, it has everything we need.
the biggest worry is the deployment console changing in a breaking way, but we already have a workaround for that. can't think of much else that could flat out break, since we arent using google apis for antyhing else

Having issues uploading a bundle zip to the Android Things Console. Every zip I've tried results in a status of 0% and a constant progress bar animation.

I've tried multiple zips, different devices, deleted and recreated different Android Things products. Does anyone have a known working bundle zip I can try just to rule out it's some issue with how I'm making the zip file or apk?

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Is there a resource for discussion around Android Things?

my chase checking account got hit with some fraudulent transactions via paypal. I can’t figure out how though. Any one smarter than me, have some thoughts around how this could have happened. I’ve gotta be overlooking something.

The checking account has never been linked anywhere else, I’ve never typed the account number anywhere, it doesn’t have a debit card, it doesn’t even have checks (don’t ask why).

It was added to some random paypal account, not mine.
They didn’t use the verification with Paypal where you have a few small deposits to verify that you own the account, so they must have used the one where you log in to the bank account. But I have 2 factor authentication enabled on my chase account. Chase’s implementation is pretty terrible, but… someone would have had to have access to my email (with google’s 2 factor) or phone to do get by that.
Additionally, if they could get into that account why would they use this account that has no activity, when I have another with a ton of activity, that would have possibly masked this fraudulent activity.

Misc info: my chase password, gmail, and paypal passwords are all unique to that site. chase and gmail both have 2 factor authentication enabled
I don’t log into my accounts on shared PCs ever.
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Thinking about getting PAX Unplugged tickets. Anyone else?
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Edwin the Duck is the coolesst baby tech toy I've used and it just dropped to an all time low price of $50. Not sure if they are coming out with a new one, or it's just ridiculous pre-black friday deals

He's a waterproof bluetooth speaker w/ integrations to play games, light up a variety of colors, quack, act as a water temperature monitor that alerts you when it gets too cold or hot

My only complaint is that there's no SDK, I'm really tempted to start hacking on it and see what can be done, since he has sensors to detect taps on each wing and his butt. As well as shaking and other movements.

The best part is that it's not on of those rubber ducks that let water get inside and get gross after a while.

The baby loves it too.

Also, I bought this a few weeks ago and Amazon won't adjust the price, I have to buy it and return the old one. It's free returns, so it just boggles my mind why they won't adjust the price. I was totally happy with the old price, but I don't want to just give them $35 They actually lose more by forcing me to do this. Their customer service has dropped so much lately.
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Our own Dave Meeker talks VR content creation with MediaPost.
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