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Not your average humaniod
Not your average humaniod

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Topaz Labs - a world of creativity
While photography is a creative process in its own, software can either enhance or take a photo to a whole new level. I'm not easily sold on software enhancements other than the general editing but when I want to have some fun, like Twirling (yeah I said Tw...

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Don't forget to enter to win a copy of Texture Effects 2!
Complete these 3 steps for a chance to win.
1. LIKE this Post
2. SHARE this Post with the hashtag #TFX2Giveaway
3: FOLLOW the Topaz Google+ Page
You have until October 30th at 7 pm CDT to enter. The winner will be announced Monday, October 31st.

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Pledging open for Santa Cause for Paws
Santa Cause for Paws is an initiative where boxes of simple items are pledged and donated to shelter animals. Every year new beneficiaries are chosen so that various animal sanctuaries have a chance to benefit from much needed donations.  Not only do the it...

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She.Clix with style
It's time for the Photo & Film Expo, now in its 8th year to be hosted at the Coca Cola Dome from Oct 27th - Oct 30th 2016 from 9am to 4pm. Photo banner from Photo & Film Expo Details of the event, workshops, brands etc can be found on the website Photo & Fi...

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Understanding White Balance
I've been missing in action on this blog.  Whoops lol. If you have had trouble understanding White Balance, the links below should help you get a better grip on what is going on. The first article by Graphics simplifies White Balance a little better than th...

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Samsung NX300: Smart Mode Night, Fireworks and Light Trace
This post has taken me a long time to complete.  First reason being that these features are not used on a regular basis and second because I came across something unusual about the Fireworks and Light Trace features and tried to find an answer for it. Read ...

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