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I don't suppose anyone will see this, since it looks like I'll never see anything they post, either, but does anyone know how to change the new sort order for the Google+ Home/All page?  It seems to put my posts first (which I don't need to see, since I wrote them), and then to sort the others by which circle they're in, instead of putting the most recent things first.  So unless I click on each circle separately, I'll never see anyone's posts by just looking at the Google+ Home page.  Are other people using this differently from the way I am?  Is there something useful to do with Google+ besides seeing what the people you're following wanted to post?  Is there an easy way to just add all the people in your circles to one big circle and then look at that?  Does it make sense to do that even if it is easy?
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Hi Laura, I don't have this problem.  If you select "all" at the top, then you will see all of your circles together and in chronological order.  At least that's what I see.  For example, this post was at the top of my home page.
that is a real good question. I get posts from people I have no idea who they are and people I've sent direct postings to don't respond which is not an unfamiliar experience in other forums. I will tell you that the visibility of my posts has actually increased after my divorce although that might be because I'm posting more.

as a test, did you see my snow photographs I posted during the storm.
I saw them before the change happened.  Now they're behind all kinds of stuff from me,  and from whatever circle is ahead of whatever circle you're in.

I did figure out how to get rid of the junk from the people I never heard of -- you click on the question mark next to it, and it has a pointer to a configuration page, and you can tell it not to send you junk from people you never heard of.

I had the behavior Sarah reports until yesterday or the day before, but then it suddenly changed.  But I'm glad other people can still see what I post.
It seems to be back behaving normally.  I'm still seeing all my old posts before all of other people's old posts, but some other people's new posts have appeared above my old posts.  

I also lost the "provide feedback" button that used to be on every screen, so it isn't because of my feedback that they fixed whatever was wrong.
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