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Brian J. Elizardi
Higher Education Administrator, Learning Champion and Life Coach
Higher Education Administrator, Learning Champion and Life Coach

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Saw Harry Potter over the weekend (amazing!) and would have paid extra for a non-3D IMAX version if they offered it. Bet I'm not alone on this.

What a ride! Special thanks to the Women's World Cup soccer team for their thrilling performances this year. What amazing courage and tenacity!

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This is helping me grasp the full concept of Google+ and may be of benefit to you as well.

I notice that a majority of the people who are posting here are also posting on Facebook as well. How are you all differentiating (if at all) between what you post on other networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc) versus here on Google+? I'm still trying to grasp how to best utilize this thing and fit it into my social media portfolio.

Very excited about the potential for this Google+ tool. My frustrations with Facebook appear to be alleviated with the simplicity of this tool. Looking forward to getting a critical mass of friends into this to make it worthwhile.
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