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Tribes Ascend esports, competition and community website.
Tribes Ascend esports, competition and community website.

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GameShrine is proud to unveil the new 'GameShrine Play' system, to help organise both scrimms and GameShrine matches! Check out the full news @

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Gameshrine is proud to present the New Year's EU draft tournament! Everyone is welcome to come along and be part of the fun and to win some of the awesome prizes Hi-Rez have laid out for us, for both players (with special prizes for new players) and viewers alike.

We've learned from the previous one and have a few changes to the line-up:
- Sign-ups will happen on the day, so we know that everyone will be there!
- The first games for the tournament will be much later in the day, starting from 5pm CET.
- This first half will be round-robin style competition, with each team getting at least 3 games.
- The second half will be single-elimination knockout, using the top teams from each division.

We probed the caster community to make sure everyone got their 15 minutes, we have interest* from both EU and US casters, including DocMatrix, Grimble, DocLettuce, Greth and Stow, ZeroMethanol and JesterLogic, DodgePong, Sadokist and the guys over an IBN.

The schedule is as follows (all times CET):

Saturday 12th:
- Noon: Sign-Up Open
- 4pm: Sign-Up Close
- 4pm: Picking Start
- 5pm: First Game (may be closer to 5:30?!)
- 7pm: Second Game
- 9pm: Third Game

Sunday 13:
- 5pm: Round of 8
- 7pm: Semi-Final
- 9pm: Final

* Shown interest, not yet confirmed.

The Gameshrine EU Arena Ladders are now open for business. You can still sign up, so grab a friend, make a team, join up and frag some noobs! :)

Good luck to the teams already signed, hope to see some cool matches!

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Gameshrine is opening 2 new EU Arena ladders, the Honourfusor and Marauder ladders. As it's our first take on Arena, we're keeping it small and simple so as many teams as possible can join. Both ladders will be rating-ladders, single map with 3 and 5 rounds respectively, with map and sides chosen automatically. The first will be an explosives-only ladder (full weapon list available in the rules) and the other will be a 'use whatever u like' ladder, with the regular ctf weapon bans and a few extra class bans.

To join the new ladders, you need to Register, then Create a Tribe and then join one of the ladders. 

The ladders haven't started yet, so you can only sign-up. We'll open them for challenges on Friday 4th, 20cet. Good luck!

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With Christmas around the corner, we're announcing an official break for the EU 7v7 CTF Ladder.  The break will be between the following dates, inclusive:

- Saturday, 22nd of December, to;
- Wednesday, 2nd of Janaury.

We won't be closing the ladder completely, so you can still play and challenge each other, but you don't have to play any challenges between the above 2 dates.

Merry Christmas from everyone at GameShrine!

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Games from 2pm CET to 10pm CET. Everything but the final!

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Captain picks happen on Mumble and will be streamed!
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