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kenn bivins

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First World problems. Best ad of 2013. Pure brilliance! #waterislife
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kenn bivins

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Please check out my Treehouse Profile at
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Hey you! Miss you!
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kenn bivins

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Congratulations Dad! You are sooo awesome.
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kenn bivins

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Yo Kenn, if you get a chance, can you switch your blog RSS settings to publish full posts instead of snippets? I cry every time your stuff comes up in reader on my phone. sniffle
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Pious, a novel by Kenn Bivins

No man for any considerable period can wear one face to himself and another to the multitude, without finally getting bewildered as to which

leafless tree | random kenndom featuring kenn bivins

A leafless tree affected by carbon monoxide can be full of leaves if only people walked more and drove less.

one little Christmas tree | random kenndom

When I was a little boy around this time of year, the Christmas tree would twinkle just like my imagination and I felt akin to that little t

word up, my ninjas | random kenndom

The word, nigger, or it's political correct presentation - the N-word - is pretty hateful. I don't care what hip hop culture says...

labor-less day | random kenndom featuring kenn bivins

For as long as I can remember, I've spent Labor Day doing much less than labor. It's a day of relaxing as far as I'm concerned.

real men show up | random kenndom

The truth is, men are pretty indifferent when it comes to their health, in comparison to women who are proactive in preventative measures. T

dads and grads | random kenndom featuring kenn bivins

I don't endorse Verizon or Motorola, but I do endorse the subtle language with how dads sometimes communicate with their sons. I love this.

graduation 2012 | random kenndom featuring kenn bivins

On May 26, 2012, my eldest son and namesake, Kenn II, graduated from Campbell High School...

kennsday, the 42nd edition | random kenndom featuring kenn bivins

Thank you, Dad, for the 42 years that you've seen fit to bless me with since creating me.

pixels | random kenndom featuring kenn bivins

Want a creative jolt of inspiration? Here you are. Pixels by Patrick Jean of One More Production. 8-bit creatures invade New York. You're we

not ready yet | random kenndom

The alien greenery just outside my door is already blooming. But wait. It's still winter...

fine day for a Funeral | random kenndom

Dearest, if you’re reading this I may be already dead; my wrists are already red; the fish are already fed...

the power of words | random kenndom

I love words. They can be powerful. This short film is an amazing example of that...

thank God it's Monday | random kenndom

Thank God it's Monday or maybe it's too early to be sane. Maybe I shouldn't jump to conclusions so soon before the refrain...

Ralph Ellison wrote... | random kenndom

I am invisible, understand, simply because people refuse to see me.

who's your favorite? | random kenndom

I love this smartly edited video of a dad interrogating his 2-year old daughter to get her to confess that he is her favorite parent. Enjoy.

big libraries or big TVs | random kenndom

“Rich people have big libraries. Poor people have big TVs.” What a loaded and inciting statement, right? What are your thoughts or opinions?

stop. now, start. | random kenndom

Sometimes, before you can START something, you have to STOP something else first, that might otherwise hinder you...