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Size Matters
Being in the portable industry, we understand that size is always an issue. All of our products are as small and compact as possible without sacrificing performance or durability. Every product we make has been designed with the customer’s needs as the first priority. We never start with the product and make it fit the problem. We always start with the problem and design a product that solves the problem.

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KWIKOOL ….Not just another pretty face.
We have never strived to be like the other guys. We have always taken the approach that when we design our products, we do it from the ground up and have developed them using our own ideas and innovations.


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Portable Rules Spark Confusion
The Department of Energy has issued a new determination in which the agency can now regulate portable air conditioners. Will this have an effect on commercial units?
Our President and COO, Michael Volle took part in this great article “Portable Rules Spark Confusion” by Kimberly Schwartz a Contributing Editor with The ACHR NEWS.
To read and learn more about this click on the following link:

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Since Portable is in our name and also is the name of our game, we at KwiKool take size seriously. In fact, the footprint of KwiKool products can be up to 40 % smaller than competitive products of the same capacity even before they add their bulky add on plenum that is required for their units to function in a closed environment such as server room or office space.

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KwiKool’s unique Iceberg KIB2411 delivers 2 nominal tons (24,000 btuh) of cooling on a 115V 20 Amp circuit. And with all of the features of the Iceberg Series, this unique product will do what no other brand can.

We are currently running a rebate offer for 2017. Check out what that offer is here:

KwiKool’s HDT (hyper-drive technology) eliminates the use of belts for maintenance free operation without losing the high volume of air that is normally associated with belt drive blower assemblies. Used in several of our Product Lines.

KwiKool’s I/O Integral Condenser is a dual duct system and is the only portable product that gives you a balanced air system without expensive and bulky add-on plenums. Other brands require you to purchase these costly add-on plenums or you have to live with a negative pressure in the space giving you a drastically reduced effective unit capacity.

At KwiKool, we don’t use the latest Technologies, we invent them. KwiKool’s unique products tackle applications and provide solutions too hard to solve cooling problems that other brands just can’t handle. We build in the performance by using our own proprietary innovations. See why KwiKool is the technology leader in the portable industry.

Do you have a hard to solve cooling problem? Are tight budgets and flexibility issues creating havoc? Did you know that we have over 50 solutions that can help! Give us a call to learn more. 800-594-5665
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