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Sir Fernly Fern
My Name is Sir. Fernly
My Name is Sir. Fernly

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So I have this Instagram...
Hello all. So I don't know if all of you are simply as incredible as me but I've found this thing. Well, I've had this thing for a while. And sometimes I use it. If I feel like it. Basically, it is this thing called Instagram. Have you herd of it? My hooman...

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Co-hosting a fashion blog!
Hello every bunny! Hope you are doing well! I am happy to announce that I will be co-hosting a fashion blog with my friend Mocha PrincessDoll! The blog is about Asian-Western-PrincessStyle fashion fusion! Obviously this blog can use some input by me as it i...

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New friends?
Well my friends, I ran into the most interesting, maybe new friends the other day! We where in the parking lot and saw some other bunny parents putting there bunnies in the car for a family vay-kay. They where all very nice looking bunnies, well groomed and...

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New opportunities...
I think I have hit on something. Wish me well as I delve into a new musical currier!!

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Hello again my companions.
Let us just say that the reason I have not been blogging is because my mama's health is, well, not so good. It is good in a way for her though, because she is now at a boarding school that can help her get better. All this happened about 8 mounts ago, and I...

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Note from mummy on bunny massage!
Massage is pleasurable to most of us, right? Well, bunnies enjoy it too! Enhancing your regular petting with a little bunny massage is a great way to bond with your bunny more and help their health, leading to a happier, healthier bunny! Do not fear if your...

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I am alive!
Yes my friends, it has been a long time. My dear mama got very sick for a spell (pretty much all of February) and was not able to help me with my blog. I am so sorry if I missed anything important, please fill me in on all that I've missed! Thank you all. S...

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My inner valley girl.
Yes friends. I know, you all think of me of the most noble beast. And I am indeed. However. I have a little secret. Ahem. You see, I have, I have a dramatic side. Thus my "Valley Girl" voice in my last post. Because normally I can hold myself together but s...

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OMG. I just, totally broke a nail! The horror!
So, mama and meme and I where "playing" (they where brushing me) and I didn't like it! So I decided to hop away! Unfortunately the ground was a lot farther away then it looked... Then like, the whole world ended because OMG I was bleeding EVERYWHERE from my...

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My Mama is taking art commissions!
Hello friends. My mama is taking bunny rabbit art commissions! Take a look at the below and see if you might be interested! If so, contact her! Taking bunny rabbit commissions!
Hand drawn bunnies for $5 or $10!
Send me a photo and I will draw ...
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