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Looking for hoopa diancie meloetta keldeo shaymin darkrai victini articuno moltres zapdos jirachi manaphy and shiny 6iv mewtwo if any one can hook me up that would be great none haft to be shiny it 6iv besides mewtwo I have a couple of Shinys

Looking for a shiny 6iv genesect with the elctro drive (or what ever it's called) I have a few things to trade for it for example shiny 6 IV gengar

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GIVEAWAY POLL!!!! (ORAS players only)

- Shiny
- Comes with Primal Stone
- Modest Nature
- Moves: Surf, Water Spout, Thunder, Ice Beam
- Max EVs in HP and Special Attack

- Shiny
- Comes with Primal Stone
- Adamant Nature
- Moves: Earthquake, Stone Edge, Fire Punch, Dragon Claw
- Max EVs in HP and Attack

Winner of the poll will be the next giveaway. I'll give the poll 2-5 days to choose the winner. If I get 80 members, I'll giveaway both.
This poll is not available.

Looking for a mew can any one hook me up with one? FC 2664 - 2879 - 5100
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