Do Tech Blogs Need a Re-birth in 2013?

Last week I introduced you to +Lauren Sutton and this week I have another amazing writer/author to introduce to the Google+ world.  +Sana Ahmed reached out to me and asked if she could get her "written voice" out through Wojdylo Finance recently.  If you read any article today, it should be this one.  She is ten times more talented at right than I.

Just a little history on this article.  As stated, Sana reached out to me after watching the State of Facebook hangout on air with +J.C. Kendall, +Mark Traphagen, +Ray Hiltz and +Eli Fennell. I gave her a "pop quiz" and asked her to write an article on why tech blogs are not reporting the correct news to their readers.  Within an hour I get this!  Here are some snippets:

"In a naive world where vanity stats are impressed upon marketers, advertisers, companies and users, it’s no surprise that more people are confused by technology more than ever. To untangle ourselves from the inaccuracies and get to clear truths that will help us be successful with technology requires us to recognize the current digital state."

"Here’s the problem. The influential people sitting on their divine pedestals don’t have any real background in technology, development, business, and ‘’making it at all.’’ These folks- your favorite bloggers that are **itch-meming back and forth to each other are getting enough ad revenues on their blogs to keep misleading viewers."

You will not waste your time reading this article.  I can assure you of that.  I takes the cake on any article published by Mashable, TechCrunch or the other names today!

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