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Jonathan “Jinxy Bear” Mullica
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Hello, I am a songwriter located in Las Vegas Nevada. My sound is unique as I created my own way to play guitar. Please check out some of my videos as the views equal points. Thanks :)
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Jonathan “Jinxy Bear” Mullica

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Do you like Jinxy Bear?  I mean, he is very unique and his music is straight up simple and cool. I wanna know your thoughts on Jinxy Bear. 
Next Tuesday, at 9pm EST, President Obama will deliver his annual State of the Union address to Congress. Later that week, you'll have the chance to connect with the President and speak about his administration’s plan in the ...
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Another cool slideshow.
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Check out the new and improved, me :)
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Thank you!!
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Awesome, without a doubt.
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Help is needed. If you have a spare moment, please click upon this link and watch a few videos. I need to rack up some points, therefore justifying my time spent. I'd really appreciate it :)
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Love it, great song! thanks for sharing, hope it reaches far!!
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Hi there, check out my new website :)
Acoustic singer/songwriter based in Las Vegas.
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I'm just a weird guy all around.
“Something That I always Dream About” (Click the link above to view this live video on Youtube)   I have always been an awkward person around women. As much as I consider myself to...
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Get in. Get out. Get on with it.
JiNXEMGOOD is, Jonathan Mullica, a multi-talented musician/songwriter, artist/designer from Philadelphia.

Playing guitar since 1992, it was in 2011 that Jonathan created "FolkStep", an upbeat and energy driven version of folk music with catchy riffs, uncanny melodies, and noticed percussion. At first strum of his specially tuned guitar, every eye in the audience is locked in on what he does. Using step-up tuning and multiple capos, Jonathan creates a truly unique sound. It's pure magic to see Jonathan work his guitar live. He does not use a pick, but only one finger to strum the strings. His fast wrist movements combined with finger picking, muting, and tapping create an amazing percussive sound; much like he is playing a bass, guitar, and drums all at once.

Jonathan started writing his unique brand of music in August 2011, and since has amassed well over 200 songs, 30% of which are posted online as demo audio and video presentations (available on SoundCloud, ReverbNation, Giggem, and YouTube). Jonathan is constantly writing and creating new music that reflects his unique style.

Jonathan is influenced by the world renowned band Primus, lead by the legendary guitarist Les Claypool. Jonathan's music is often compared to famous acts such as Dave Mathews Band, Keller Williams, and Rusted Root. Like many of these great masters, Jonathan's style of music doesn't fit neatly into any single category, rather it is a blend of Folk and Blues. While these styles of music are steeped in the great American traditions, don't let that fool you into thinking it's traditional music. Rather, Jonathan's fusion puts a modern twist on these styles and introduces a whole new generation to a brand new sound.

Jonathan "JiNXEMGOOD" is playing his music all over Las Vegas. Do not miss the opportunity to see him live!
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the service you get here is typical of the service you get at any GC location. It's a chain music store people. We are in America, where MONEY has trumped the little guy, and the mom and pop stores are gone. So whether you get good service or bad, remember, it's a Guitar Center for crying out loud, what more could you expect.
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Hands down, the Deli Pizza Shop is the best place around. I have been eating there for years and the food is consistently satisfying. The pricing is reasonable, the staff is friendly, although sometimes it looks as if the owner wants to rip your head off. He's a good guy though. I attribute his frustrations to the small size of the building. On Friday nights the staff is working at peak service. The pizza is the best around!! Put it to you like this, they close each year for one week vacation... I go crazy and can't wait for them to return.
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