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Read my article "5 unique challenges in managing social good products" at #prodmgmt 

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“The Day the Universe Changed” examines the history of science. James Burke talks us through various periods in our history starting from the 11th century on and shows us the evolution of science in various fields. These fields range from medicine to…

read my article on Building a Product Management Team at 

My review of 'Weapons of Math Destruction' by @mathbabedotorg explains why it's a must read in the age of Big Data

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Read my review of 'NDTV frauds' to know why it is required reading for all Indians 

Read my review of 'The Industries of the Future' to see why it is fantastic. #alecross #innovation #technology

Read my review/synopsis of "How to Lie with Statistics" to find out what I think of it. #mathematics 

Read my review of "The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat" at

Read my review of 'How to Deal with Difficult People' at

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Read my review of 'Algorithms to Live By' to see why I consider it to be one of the best maths books ever.
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