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Have mobile operating systems stalled out?

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The hand-crafted carbon fibre bicycle frame... $6000 worth of art being crafted by master bicycle makers...

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How cricket balls are made... Interesting to see a square piece of wood wrapped into a perfect spherical season ball.

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Modern engineering....

Plane lands in turbulent weather.. Wings flex to avoid yield and landing gear absorbs the shock

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The true road to success is not the desire for success, but the fear of failure.  - Mr. ShahRukh Khan

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So, a lot of us quite often say that it would be amazing for a phone to come pre-loaded with our Android flavor of choice. I've said it, you've said it, we've all said it. We look at this as a simple thing that can just be done with the press of a button and sold. Why not, right? We know what we're doing when we hit the purchase button after all. 

Or maybe you don't really care. You can install CM on whatever you want, right? Sure, a few bits here or there don't work 100% and the device maintainer promises that he or she will get around to it as soon as they can grab a few hours of cherished free time to fix these things. Why should it matter that a phone comes with CM installed, when you can just do it yourself right?

Here's the deal, everyone. This is what we wanted, for reasons that maybe we didn't fully understand. We're not just getting an empty shell with a random OS stuffed in. This is a phone manufactured with the intent to deliver an experience. It's the responsibility of the people who make both the hardware and the software to deliver that experience. If they fail, we can hold them accountable. If something doesn't work correctly, we now have the right to demand it be fixed. 

This is what happens when you go from ripping one OS out and stuffing another one in to this brave new world. +OPPO is confident enough in +CyanogenMod's ability to deliver an experience that they are willing to put their brands side by side and sell a limited edition of their new flagship phone.

Even if you don't want one, this is a pretty big deal for those interested in seeing CM natively on a phone. We get to see what device support looks like when these guys have everything they need and don't have to waste time breaking into the phone or rewriting half of the things needed to make the camera or radios work like they should.

Bring it on.  

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Slicer 4.2.2 is out...

3D Slicer is:
A software platform for the analysis and visualization of medical images and for research in image guided therapy.
A free, open source software available on multiple operating systems (Windows, MAC, Linux).
Extensible, with powerful plug-in capabilities for adding algorithms and applications.

Features include:
Available for windows, linux and Mac OS X
Support for many modalities, including, MRI, CT, US, nuclear medicine, and microscopy
Robust support for DICOM
Flexible display capabilities with a variety of predefined layouts for slice reformats and 3d views
Accelerated volume rendering
Powerful data fusion and registration capabilities
Automated and interactive segmentation tools
Surface reconstruction from image data (Marching Cubes, Isosurface modelling)
Bidirectional interface for devices (OpenIGTLink)
Plugin architecture for IO formats and algorithms
Extensible & scriptable development platform (C++/Python)

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Best DIY projects of 2012

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Anyone heard about the Niantic Project( )?
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