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Some statistics about schools first, courtesy of ‘The Department for Education’:
- There are over 24,000 schools in England alone with over 8.2 million students. This is a huge number when you consider that paper is the main recyclable material generated by schools, accounting for at least 25% of total waste (followed by cardboard packaging from canteens and equipment supplies).
- Most schools currently spend between £300 and £1000 on waste disposal each year depending on size and produce a minimum of 1 tonne of waste per term. This bill could be reduced if you recycled your paper and cardboard.

Educating children, particularly at a young age about the importance of recycling and the environment provides a route to a greener future.

At CS Recycling we are fully aware of the contribution schools make to educating pupils & students, on the need to and merits of recycling.

CS Recycling helps a large cross section of schools recycle whether you are an infant or secondary school.

Find out if CS Recycling can service your school...
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Broken down, this fund will go towards:
- £16.4m to improve waste management on a national scale
- £20m to prevent environmental pollution (especially plastic) from manufacturing in developing countries
- £25m to help researchers approach the scourge of marine plastic waste from a scientific, technical, economic and social perspective

Read more on the CS Recycling website...
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