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Ally Hayes
Mother, wife, writer, reader, runner ....tired.
Mother, wife, writer, reader, runner ....tired.


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Excerpt from White Lies and Promises
Another peek... Shooting
hoops later that night with Joey helped keep his thoughts under control. Joe
was working for a landscaper that summer and trying to save up for a car he
fantasized and talked about constantly. Matt listened for the millionth time
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Two Month Teaser - An excerpt from White Lies and Promises
felt nervous, anxious, and thrilled as she knocked on the Foster’s front door. Ann
looked relieved but keyed up as she led Patty to the kitchen. “Okay, first I’ll
get you caffeinated then you can pick where to start.” “How about
the handle?” Patty sug...
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Replacing Sliced Bread
My friend was visiting from back home and we were
leaving my house for lunch. As I put my SUV in reverse the back-up camera
appeared on the display screen, replacing the radio and temperature settings. I
stared at the screen as I navigated my narrow and ste...
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Matt and Jackie Find a Home
Over the past five or so years, Matt
and Jackie have been searching for the perfect home. I am their realtor. I set
out on their search right prematurely only to find the market wasn’t right for
them at the time and it caused me to question whether they wer...
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Resurrecting Characters
While writing my current work-in-progress, I’m
discovering I’ve been unconsciously borrowing traits from previous characters in my first manuscript. I say ‘manuscript’ and not ‘book’ because the
manuscript phase is where it remains stuck for the past eight ...
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New Year - Take Two
No, I didn’t screw up last week and need a do-over.
Today is the first day all three of my kids are back at school since the
holidays, so for me this is the real start to the new year. Actually, that’s
not quite right. I consider my year to start when their...
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Confessions of a Halloween Hater
                                                          I hate Halloween. There I said it. I
haven’t always felt this way, only since I became an adult. So, it’s been long
enough. My kids are no longer little—or currently care what I think—so I’m
ready to...
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Y (A) I Need a Break from Young Adult Books
One of my favorite genres has always been young
adult, even before the now-immensely popular category earned its own
bookshelves and could only be vetted out among the children’s section and adult
fiction. As an actual young adult, I felt the need to be see...
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I Need a Hero
I Need a Hero Not the kind Bonnie Tyler sang of in Footloose –
though that is an epic song. No, I’m
not holding out for a guy fresh from the fight, just a main character I can
root for. Until about two years ago, I'd say 99% of
the books I read featured a m...
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