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Do yourself a favor and don't stay here. The preponderance of incompetence at The Cosmopolitan is amazing--a very disappointing experience. --------------------------------------------------­--------------------------------------------------­--------------------------------------------------­--- Oh, the mistakes, let me count the ways: 1. Room was not available on check-in. The desk clerk refused to give an estimate on when it would be ready, but promised a text message. 2. There was no text message when the room was ready. Eventually, we checked back at the front desk, and they said it was ready. (Much later that night, finally the text came.) 3. They gave us the wrong room type, with no warning. 4. Ichabod at the front desk was very RUDE. When we asked about the wrong room type, he tried to convince us that we really wanted the room they gave us. There was NO APOLOGY at all. He was DISHONEST about it. He said that the room we got was bigger (it's smaller) and more money (it's the same price). I told him he was wrong, as I was looking at their website on the web browser at the front desk, which had the room dimensions and prices. He implied that there was something wrong with us for wanting the room that we reserved. He said that he always stays in that style room. He said that he has never had anyone be unhappy with that room. The room we wanted was all booked up. (Apparently, everyone else thought the room we wanted was better too.) Terrible customer service. No excuse. If I order a chocolate shake, and the waiter brings me strawberry by mistake, he shouldn't try to sell me on the merits of the strawberry shake. --The Cosmopolitan could have just told us from the start that they had to switch our room type and apologized.-- 5. The bell desk took about 45 min to bring up our bags. We had to call twice, because they did not come after 30 min. 6. Several of the light switches in the room did not work. There were lights that we couldn't turn off or couldn't dim. 7. The TV remote was dying. 8. Room service: the crackers and flatbread were missing from our cheese plate. 9. White stains on the couch. (Hmm. . .Where's Catherine Willows with the UV light?) 10. What is with the lack of trash cans?? And no coffeemaker. . .You might as well pretend that the kitchenette does not exist, especially since no outside food or drink is allowed. It is an illusion. 11. Poorly designed shower-tub layout (in the "terrace one bedroom"): The shower looks awfully pretty, but once you're inside, you realize the layout is a bad idea. Because the shower is open on one side, there is nothing to contain the warm, steamy air. The open side connects to the tub, which is open to the bed area and the whole unit. Outside that stream of water is nothing but air conditioning, which feels great when you're dry, but not so much when you're wet. Whatever side of you not facing the water gets cold fast. I'm not super enthusiastic about the "Japanese soaking tub" either. It's a small, square tub with two benches on opposing corners. When I sat on one of the benches, the water came to about. . .my belly button. . . and I'm only 5'4" tall. 12. The in-room TV checkout is useless, because the bill was not itemized. It combined all of the food and beverage charges as one line. 13. The kiosk for airline flight check-in didn't work. 14. There were erroneous charges for the mini-bar. Some were for items that were already missing when we arrived. Others were for items not missing at all. The desk clerk claims to have removed these charges. We'll see. --------------------------------------------------­--------------------------------------------------­--------------------------------------------------­---- I'm not upset merely because this is clearly not a world class hotel. I'm upset because I have stayed in several Vegas strip hotels and never faced such rude and poor treatment. AVOID The Cosmopolitan--They don't deserve your money. Stay at a hotel that will treat you with respect instead.
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Initially, Karina at Happy Chuppah was very responsive and sounded experienced and professional. We were impressed with their selection, and Karina helped us choose the right fabrics and colors. On the wedding day, however, they brought the wrong size chuppah, the 6 foot square instead of the 8 foot square written in our contract, so that our attendants did not fit underneath, leaving us squished for the ceremony and the photos. Furthermore, the chuppah was not adequately weighted down, and fell over immediately before the processional, breaking our expensive Venetian kiddush cup and delaying the ceremony by about half an hour, leaving glass shards spread around, and greatly agitating the bridal party. Family members had to hold it up during the ceremony and photos, and notably, there was little wind. It was just not stable. When Happy Chuppah came to collect the chuppah, they argued with our coordinator that it couldn’t have fallen over, as if we don’t have it all on video. They said they would call us, but we haven’t heard from them. Very unprofessional and unreliable.
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I had a terrible experience with alterations at Ferndales Bridal, which forced me to find a a new seamstress and get emergency alterations a week before my wedding. When Ferndales finally got around to hemming my dress, after the third fitting, they cut it terribly uneven, and too short in patches. They also failed to hem the underlayers, just leaving jagged cuts. They did not properly sew the skirt to the bodice, leaving an open, fraying seam at one place along the waistline. Additionally, they left a number of small holes, runs, and ironing scars (wrinkles that couldn't be pressed out) in the organza. The owner insisted that nothing was wrong, maintaining that having the bottom be an inch off the ground was not too short, and that wanting it longer was merely “a personal preference.” She said that what they gave me is how the dress is supposed to look, that no one would notice, and that I am just too particular. Over $300 on alterations, and they couldn't even be bothered to properly hem it. I know what you are thinking, don't most salons have some bad reviews? But ask yourself this, do you really want to take a chance on your wedding dress that your alterations will go smoothly here? You only get one wedding day (hopefully), and you want to look beautiful and take great photos. Do not get your dress altered here, or you will be taking a HUGE risk.
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