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Joshua Nussbaum
Microchips, Ruby, 3D Printing and Epic Winning
Microchips, Ruby, 3D Printing and Epic Winning

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Testing messages with Elixir
If you're coming to Elixir from another language, you might wonder how to assert that a process send a message. The key is to remember that each test itself is an Erlang process (and has a pid). We can send a message to the test process's mailbox, and then ...

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How to Start: Becoming a Productivity Ninja
"I bought a book about procrastination several years ago. Haven't read it yet. I will get to it  eventually ." Just kidding, I actually did read it ;) Turns out procrastination is directly correlated to perfectionism . When perfectionism increases, procrast...

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8 Ways Software is Priced
Buying software is really hard. When done right, it's a huge asset for your business. It becomes the backbone of your business and helps attract investment. When done wrong, it can cost thousands in modifying and fixing problems and will result in hurting (...

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pretty inspirational kid

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New blog post: FPGA Logic Cells
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