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Disrupt party politics!

I have a belief that democracy works best when we get a true representation of the views in the community, and with through them in a collaborative manner. I think that party politics undermine this by allowing a majority to push things through without need for consultation.

My suggestion: let's try to get as diverse and balanced representation as possible. Target state: equal liberal, labor and green @ 20% each, remainder minor parties and independents.

Let's think about how we can make them work together, for us!

Any of you budding home brewers care for some clean bottles? Have some 375ml glass, some PET pints and some champagne bottles (and one magnum)

Do any of you have recommendations for professional carpet cleaning in Applecross?

Where can I get a decent Dalek voice modulator? The few that I've found online seem rather underwhelming.

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Hey all, any recommendations on a good value ultraportable laptop?

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+Shani Wong probably could drive this thing legally.

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+Shani Wong eating a never-ending meatball.
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Hot air balloons and wheat silos with +Shani Wong​ and +Collin Mullane​
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