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Notebook For Gaming
Latest news and informaiton on the best gaming notebooks available for gamers.
Latest news and informaiton on the best gaming notebooks available for gamers.


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It does not matter much which brand you choose for entry level to intermediate gaming. When it comes to serious gaming, then you need to focus on companies that are serious in making gaming machines. This listing provides a gaming laptop market research and brings the results in the form of top 5 best laptop brands for portable gaming. Owing a gaming laptop from these companies (i.e, Aus, Msi, Alienware, Razer and Gigabyte) will result in running stubborn machines that won’t compromise on performance, keeps a fast steady speed, no heat ups, run for long hours even for days without a complain. 

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That's not an ordinary laptop nor an other gaming laptop. Razer has reinvented the gaming notebook with it's mind blowing Blade machine.  Whether it is the design, in-game performance, heating, each aspect has been take care of with full attention to detail. The state of the art switchblade touchscreen based user interface is a new concept in laptops to enjoy the unique competitive edge. Important game tactic information is view-able on this feedback LCD display plus wide variety of direct game controls to speed up your gaming. Since the launch of Razer Blade, majority of new game titles are working with razer to provide software support for switchblade UI for new game releases.

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A detailed review of the latest gaming laptop released HP. Definitely this new HP omen notebook is a good addition in the gaming industry. Since there was huge demand of specialized notebooks built to game. Now more and more companies are moving to this route. Omen is just a contribution by HP for the notebook lovers. A stylish gaming machine in the form of a sleek and thin gaming laptop. Worth a read...

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Finding a reliable laptop computer for college work is not an easy task. You can get PC and Mac platform laptops in reasonable price with great features. College students desire to own powerful machine because most of them want to play heavy duty games in free apart from the primary tasks of everyday school tasks. These Laptops are available in different sizes and colors. 
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Whether you own a laptop, notebook or a Macbook, the sound capabilities somehow fall short. It is not feasible to carry large speakers with in you in your backpack, so a portable speaker is the need of the hour. This piece provides collection of some of the best portable laptop and macbook speakers which will rock your entertainment world on the go.

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What are the pros and cons of gaming desktop vs laptop.
This post explains which platform suits most of the gamers.

Gaming Laptop VS Gaming Desktop

Following factors are most important
1) Price of computer
2) Ability to custom built PC
3) Reliable future upgradation
4) Easy portability for mobile use
5) Multiple graphics cards/ room for more hardware

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Probably the major void area in the gaming laptop and a big challenge for notebook manufacturers is to provide a laptop with ability of future upgrades. A large number of gamers stick to desktop platform due to lack of upgrading ability because right now laptops only allow to upgrade hard drive and memory, in order to achieve a dream gaming notebook the computer should have flexibility to upgrade other hardware components such as motherboard, graphics cards, processor etc.

The following articles explains the benefits of owing a upgradable gaming laptop.
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