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How do we communicate with Google+ to tell them we hate the new format and want to permanently stay with Classic Google+?

I really hate the new Google+. Somebody please make it go away.

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I'd like to share this wonderful Australian piece of truth with the whole world!

Trying Ubuntu MATE 16.04 (alpha 2, I think) with the Mutiny theme.  It works wonderfully, of course, and what a lovely jab at the monster that is Unity.

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If this doesn't brighten your day, you're actively looking for darkness.

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Portland musician, but becoming nationally known--particularly great with Pink Martini.  Take a music break!

The balance of intelligence might be shifting in the Supreme Court:  first they validate the Affordable Care Act and today they declare that equal marriage for all is the law of the land.  It's about damned time the Conservatives got publically spanked and the people were heard!

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Sixty degrees and sunny on the Oregon Coast.  Don't give up hope, easterners!
Spring at the Inn at Spanish Head, Oregon
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Everyone but Shattner, but then the party wasn't for him, was it?

Phil Zuckerman, NYTimes:

“For secular people, morality is predicated on one simple principle: empathetic reciprocity, widely known as the Golden Rule. Treating other people as you would like to be treated. It is an ancient, universal ethical imperative. And it requires no supernatural beliefs.”

Have a nice Sunday.
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