Two points;
-The DUP can't vote on English laws due to the E.V.E.L. law (English Votes for English Law - passed in 2015 to prevent the wishes of the English and Welsh being overridden by Scottish MPs") This meant the tories only have a majority when it comes to Brexit. The DUP promised a soft Brexit in their manifesto (due to the border with Ireland). This means the tories can't vote through their manifesto without the consent of other party's MPs (and it looks like a lot of their own MPs will vote against anyway).
-if it becomes evident they can't pass bills then there will be a vote of no confidence and there will be another election (hence Bumbling Boris getting ready to oppose her).
Technically there can't be a coalition with the DUP due to the peace agreement and our promise of neutrality, so there is a "supply of consent"- so the tories are a minority government.
I post this because I want people to carry on their fight for a labour government, if we can keep the trajectory going Corbyn will smash Bumbling Boris in a re-election before we know it. Don't get frustrated guys, they won a headline, that's all. Corbyn is smiling for a reason. We got this #JC4PM
Lets get these little-known facts out there.
Please feel free to copy & paste.
Via Patrick Hagan-Vaughan
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