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The misrepresentation of migration from Europe was a driving, corrosive force in the EU referendum. And now the referendum is over, free movement is the core issue in the debate over what happens next.
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There is one overriding question facing the UK economy: how bad is the Brexit hit? It follows that the overriding thing to look for this week will be any evidence that gives us a feeling for the answer. There will be a slew of information and the trick will be to distinguish what is actually new and what is more the immediate pre-Brexit situation – remembering, though, that the pre-Brexit state is the base on which future developments stand.
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Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, the piece of legislation allowing a country to exit the European Union, will be triggered before the General Election, the Conservative Party chairman has said. Patrick McLoughlin, newly-installed in Theresa May’s government, said it would be “very difficult” for an early General Election to be called, but that the process of Brexit definitely would be started before then.
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With any luck, by then everyone will have forgotten this idiotic opinion poll.
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In Cambridge, even the waiters have PhDs. Hundreds of young boffins from across the EU move to the city each year, take a job — any job — and wait to be snapped up by one of the throng of start-ups...
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Well, of course we must. To deprive ourselves of extra meaningful information just because "Brexit means Brexit" would be stupidity of the higest order. 
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The hundreds of people trapped for up to 14 hours in their cars en route to the port of Dover deserve our utmost sympathy – many, of course, for a traumatic start to their summer holiday. The marathon delays are being portrayed as a blip caused by understaffing and underfunding by France of its border posts in Dover, and understandably tougher security checks following the horrific terrorist attack Nice. However, the scenes in and around Dover mi...
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In nature, phase transitions describe changes in states of matter. Depending on temperature, H20 can exist as solid (ice), liquid (water) or gas (water vapour). Societal crises behave similarly. Today, our economic problems have morphed into their social and political phases.
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It seems we’re entering another of those stupid seasons humans impose on themselves at fairly regular intervals.
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Already pointed it out ( future unstable) she was told.
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Prosecutors will be urged to press for tougher sentences for perpetrators of hate crimes after a surge in reported incidents in the wake of the EU referendum. A new fund will also be established for “protective security measures” at synagogues, mosques, churches and other places of worship. The steps will be outlined in the Government's new hate crime action plan, which will be published next week. It follows a sharp rise in alleged offences and ...
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Solar Impulse: Zero-fuel plane begins final flight
The Sun-powered aircraft Solar Impulse sets out from Egypt's capital, Cairo, on the last leg of its quest to circle the globe.
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