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Any chance that Google has fixed the bugs so there is a way to reliably track the user (anonymously with a GUID of course)? It's such a bad experience for the user that they HAVE to login with their phone for me to identify them. If we could just get a reliable GUID it would make it so much better.

Is there a way to bulk upload/edit utterances? Similar to how Alexa has? I am adding an entity to be used by all my intents and I am dreading the carpal tunnel I'll get if I can't do it in bulk :).

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If I setup account linking for my action on Google Home so I have the oath token for the user, what happens when the device doesn't recognize the user? Below is what I'm reading about the anonymous user, so if the device does not recognize the voice, it will treat them as an unknown user and you'll get a random user ID. What kind of behavior would I get if the user has linked their Google account via account linking, but the Google Home doesn't recognize their voice (say their kid is talking to the Google Home device instead of the owner of the Google account).

Would it treat the "stranger" as the user linked with the device?

Voice-activated speakers

When a voice matches - If a voice matches a registered voice profile on the device, a consistent user ID is returned. Each registered user has a different and consistent user ID that is associated with any conversation they have with the device.

When no voice matches: If a registered user's voice isn't recognized by the device or no registered voice exists, then a different ID is used that is unique for just that conversation.

In the Actions Console. There is a section for "Errors". Is there a way to get more information on to what those "Errors" actually are? I have a small percentage, but it gives me nothing besides that there's errors.

In my web hook endpoint I have logs that I might be able to find the request if I had something to correlate it to from the request, but the console gives me nothing I can find. Does anyone else know where I can find more details on the "Errors"?

How long does it take for the "Assistant Apps" in the Google Home mobile app to update when you make changes to your directory?

I changed the wording of a couple things about a month ago and it doesn't​ reflect in the mobile app but it does when I hit the directory URL directly.

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Word of warning to anyone that may use an Azure Tables at some point in their web hook. The user_id in the request that comes from the web hook can contain characters that are considered invalid and will bomb out in your service. Took me some time to figure that out.
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