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Freefoam – The Complete Roofline Solution

Quality Fascias is a registered installer of Freefoam Building Products ( and we only use Freefoam products when completing all of our installations because we believe in using the highest quality products available on the market.

Why do we use Freefoam Products

Freefoam is based in Northampton and is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of innovative roofline products. There are a number of reasons why we at Quality Fascias believe in the Freefoam brand including the full range of products and colours available to our customers, the durability of the product and the extended lifetime guarantee on specific products.

The Freefoam Guarantee

All Freefoam white products are guaranteed by the manufacturer’s guarantee of 20 years. However, if Quality Fascias fit the Freefoam products then this is extended to 50 years. Woodgrain and other coloured roofline and rainwater products carry a guarantee of 10 years.

Range of Colours

The wide range of colours available through Freefoam is undoubtedly a huge attraction to our customers. You are able to put your stamp on your home or match your new roofline products to the colour of your front door. Various colours are also available in the cladding range from Freefoam.

The Environment

Finally, you can also have peace of mind that Freefoam act responsibility towards protecting our environment. All of their products comply with European Union legislation and are 100% lead free.
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What do we mean by fascias, soffits and guttering?
They will all be familiar words to you but what are we actually referring to with these terms when it comes to the roofline on your home?  Read the below guide to help understand the various parts that contribute to the roofline products that all homes require.  For further information on any of the below visit our website at
The fascias are the long, straight boards that run along the lower edge of the roof.  They protect the end of the rafters and support the bottom row of tiles.  The fascias also carry all of the guttering.
This is the part of the roofline product that bridges the gap from the top of the exterior wall of the house to the outer edge of the roof.  It protects the underside of the rafters and is tucked away under the fascias.  This is the part of the roofline that you can see most of when standing at street level.
The guttering runs along the length of the roof line and its primary purpose is to collect the rainwater as it runs down the roof and carries it to the downpipe.  Guttering must be at a gradient to ensure the rainwater drains efficiently to the downpipe.
The downpipes carry the rainwater from the guttering to a drain or ground level. 
They are fixed to the brickwork.
Bargeboards are used on the gable end of a house to protect the gable end rafter.  They also produce a decorative finish.
This is the part where the bargeboards meet the fascias and soffits. 
Quality Fascias  ( can guide you through all of the above and advise what is required for your home.  We will visit you in your home and give you a step by step demonstration of how we replace your soffits, fascias and guttering and will be happy to answer any questions you have.
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We’re starting off the New Year replacing Finlock concrete guttering on two terraced properties in Derby that have been suffering from damp problems.

Why does the concrete guttering need replacing?

The properties were built in an era when concrete guttering was regarded as a low-cost, low maintenance choice and it suited those properties at the time. But, as with most such properties these days, home improvements such as installing central heating, improving insulation and replacing windows with double glazing have meant that the concrete gutters are no longer serving their original purpose.

In fact, they are more of a liability causing leaking, condensation and damp, as well as spoiling the external appearance of the houses.

What are we using as a replacement for the concrete guttering?

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Showcasing our fascia, soffit and downpipe work
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