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I don't remember okaying these kids growing up this fast. 
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Catamaran - Glory
I've made some posts about the Glory system previously, but its been in practice in the Catamaran campaign and seems to be working out pretty well. We're on session... ten? Player characters can earn glory through deeds of great importance and heroism, allo...

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Catamaran Classes, Revised
I've gone through the class options for my Catamaran Campaign I posted previously and revised them a bit based on comments and experiences in game.  For example, I have a shark totem barbarian and a scientist roge in the campaign currently and so far neithe...

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Bard Archetype: Dirge Singer
So in my Catamaran campaign the party bard's job on the Isle of Bones was to sing the tale of the dead brought to the island so they would be remembered.  She's basically a really death focused bard who is far more concerned with the end of stories than the...

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Catamaran - New Class Options Draft 1
Over the course of creating both the Catamaran setting and working with the players to create their characters, several new options for class archetypes that fit well within the setting became apparent.  Below are the first of these in first draft form, so ...

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Catamaran - Resources
For my Catamaran game I've been working with a lot of ideas of how to do a fun adventuring reward system in a setting with no functioning currency system and little in the way of portable wealth (gems, precious metals, etc).  The resource system below is th...

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Catamaran - The Isle of Bones
My 5E campaign has run two sessions now and things are getting more settled.  Well, 3.5 sessions if you count all the prep, which included doing a Smallville style relationship map to create the island the players live on.  This involved drawing various ite...

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Catamaran - New Races
This is my first pass at making new races. I don't think they're terrible, but they definitely need some fine tuning. I'm using the aasimar stats from the DMG as well. Thus far in the group the only non-humans are an aasimar, a dragonborn, and a scalefol...

Hey Fall! Nice to see you this morning! Glad you're back in town. 

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Yes, it's cheesy, but the fact we actually get comic shows like this makes me so happy. 
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