This one goes out to my IT pals.

Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS), a.k.a. Android 4.0, makes it even easier for people to bring their personal Android devices to work. In ICS, we’ve remained focused on delivering best-in-class security and encryption, Exchange support, VPN access, and powerful productivity features. Here’s a complete rundown:

Security and encryption
Ice Cream Sandwich provides full internal storage encryption on both phones and tablets. We openly share how we implemented encryption within Android using Linux dm-crypt (see more details at, and we will soon open-source our implementation for further review within the Android community. ICS adds ASLR to Android to protect the system and apps from memory exploits. ICS also has a new public keychain framework to make it easier for applications to manage authentication and secure sessions. And, as with every release, ICS fixes bugs, cleans up permissions, and improves end user insight into security issues. For more information, please check out our recently released Android security overview at

Device management and Exchange ActiveSync
Ice Cream Sandwich updates Exchange support to use the EAS v14.1 protocol. ICS adds EAS policy support for limiting attachment sizes, disabling attachment downloads, enforcing manual sync while roaming, and disabling the camera. That brings the total number of supported EAS policies to 16. ICS additionally enables client certificate authentication to Exchange servers. Many of these device management capabilities, such as remote wipe and password strength enforcement, are also available in Android’s open Device Management APIs for other device management solutions.

VPN support
Ice Cream Sandwich adds out-of-box support for pure IPSec VPNs to support many commonly deployed VPN routers. This complements the pre-existing support for L2TP, L2TP/IPSec PSK, L2TP/IPSec RSA, and PPTP VPNs. ICS also creates a new platform for SSL VPN clients which can be downloaded from the Android Market.

Android continues to make Google Apps and Microsoft Exchange customers more productive with the built in suite of contacts, calendar, and email apps. ICS brings Honeycomb’s improvements to global address list support and email widgets onto phones for the first time. ICS also adds a number of improvements to the email app including server-side search for Exchange and IMAP, nested sub-folder navigation and sync controls, reply/forward indicators, quick responses, and better app navigation.

So with all that, we sincerely hope you get to enjoy Ice Cream Sandwich for work and for pleasure.
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