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Change is not made from the outside.
“Ignorance leads to fear, Fear leads to hate, and Hate leads to violence. This is the equation.” -Averroes On September 11, 2001, the United States felt the impact of
terrorism in a public and terrifying way. 
Where, before, the fighting between religious b...

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When did we lose our minds?
I have come to the conclusion that much blame lies in the
rise in the power given to the media, in general.  We started letting television and magazines
tell us what was wrong with us.  We let
them tell us how we were living wrong, raising our kids wrong, e...

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Valentine’s Day Ideas – For Him!
So Ladies, let’s admit it.   Valentine’s Day tends to be more about us than US, if you get my
drift.   It’s great in some ways,
especially if you’re still dating, but once you’re in a committed relationship… It starts to feel weird that he’s expected to buy...

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Channeling my mother...
When I was a teenager, I was embarrassed when my mother would get stern or assertive with people in public places.  (Because you know, teenagers are generally embarrassed by anything their parents do - up to and including breathing in the same room.) I can ...

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Boredom + Food = Unhealthy eating habits
Emotional eating is getting a lot
of commercial attention these days.   Because of that, I feel like we all have a pretty decent handle on what
it means.   Most people I know who struggle
with their weight and fitness have some issues related to this.   Whe...

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CLIP: Working it while working it!
Happy Monday everyone!   In today’s Challenge Yourself, we’re
going to cover the dreaded exercise.   I
say dreaded because I am not, nor will I ever be, a person who like exercise
for the sake of exercise.   Now I can
spend hours dancing, because I love mus...

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Hiatus: Over!
Hi guys, I had to take an unexpected break from blogging.  There are multitude of reasons but they all sum up to "mental refreshment break".  There were too many balls in the air and trying to produce productive blog posts while being scattered is much hard...

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Soapbox moment: The media today
If you live in the DC area, you surely have heard about the situation on the Metro yesterday.  If not, I'll give you the short recap: "Around 3:30 January 12th, 2014, the platform at L'Enfant Plaza began to fill with smoke from an unknown location.  It bill...

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Back to the House...Master Bedroom!
Y’all, I’m
not gonna lie.   After the move, I’ve come
to realize a cold hard fact:   I have a
lot of crap in my master bedroom.   I’ve
done pretty well paring down and organizing everywhere else, but my master
bedroom has been my secret stash spot.   After ...

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2015 Mental Survival Kit
Since this year is all about improving oneself, I want to make sure we all have tools to help with this.  Today, here is the first piece - getting your head together.  Enjoy!
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