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I have a new post on the SR Maine website

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This is very cool!
Wow! Some gorgeous star time lapses!
"While experimenting with different photography tricks and techniques back in 2012, I was shooting 360 degree panoramas in the daytime and long exposures of the stars streaking in the sky at night. It suddenly became clear that the potential to combine the two techniques could be a trip! Since the Earth is rotating at a steady 1,040 mph I created a custom rig of 4 cameras with fisheye lenses to capture the entire night-sky in motion. Thus the images show the stars rotating around the north star as well as the effect of the southern pole as well and a 360 degree panorama of the scene on Earth. Each camera is doing nonstop long exposures, typically about 1 minute consecutively for the life of the camera battery. Usually about 3 hours. I then made a script to stitch all the thousands of these panoramas into this time-lapse"
Vincent Brady"

Click here for the video:
Planetary Panoramas - 360 Degree Night-Sky Time-Lapse by Vincent Brady, Music by Brandon McCoy
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A brief blog entry...

This post is about a major change in my work life:

I have decided to leave Three Rivers Family Practice, after almost thirteen years. I have taken a position with Inland Hospital, which will allow me to continue seeing patients much as I do now, but at a new location five minutes down the road in Oakland. 

I will be working at Inland Family Care at 74 Water Street, in Oakland, Maine. I will be starting there shortly after March 1, 2013. My last day at Three Rivers will be on February 27, 2013. Patients who wish to continue seeing me can call the Oakland office at 207-465-7342. 

This change reflects shifting priorities as my children approach college age, and careful reflection upon the way I want to practice medicine. I will continue to practice a heavily evidence-based approach to care, and one that emphasizes excellent customer service.
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