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Wooowie… Almost done with my DIY midi controller! Only soldering all the wires and attaching a panel mount type B tot the case left. The mainboard is a teensy and will be running my own arduino code. When I finish the build,  I’ll publish the source, stl’s, scematics,  BOM and full 4 deck Traktor mapping on my blog!


De box is made from an old IKEA bunk bed. The top panel is made from old IKEA flooring. Note to self, next version: laser cut everything!
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Very cool.  When all said and done, was the cost comparable or significantly cheaper when compared to similar commercial products?  Those midi controllers tend to be quite expensive.  Nice work regardless!
One-off projects like this are usually more expensive than mass-produced stuff. Still, the nice thing is that you can customize everything.
+1for the knobs!! (for everything actualy ;-)
Very cool! I am trying to do something similar, I would love to see more about what you used to get this working.
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