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I sure wish Eisenhower Republicans still existed. 
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Check out this video on YouTube: To no one's surprise, they are dirty but we will survive. 😉
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Acorn Woodpecker Red Anything for #birdpoker  curated by +Phil Armishaw 
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+Stephen Pollard Superb capture, Steve! :-)
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Stephen Pollard

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Internal Exxon documents show company researchers warning of the risks of global climate change as early as 1977, years before the issue emerged on the national agenda.
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commented on a video on YouTube.
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And I thought Trump was a train wreck.
Ben Carson -- currently the top-polling Republican presidential candidate -- posted a message on Facebook on Nov. 4 to rebut critics who say his lack of experience in elected office would be a serious obstacle to his serving as an effective president. Soon after it was posted, we began hearing from readers asking us to check one of his claims.
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Stephen Pollard

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Santa Elena Canyon, Big Bend National Park
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Stephen Pollard

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A view looking back at the Chisos Mountains as we left the basin in the Big Bend National Park, far West Texas.
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Hie Stephen
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Stephen Pollard

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Purple Low Rider from car show in the Deep Ellum District in Dallas, Texas.
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Vermilion Flycatcher at the Big Bend National Park near the Rio Grande.  A storm was approaching which really made the available natural light very dim so I had to use a flash to bring out details.  

For #birdsgallery  curated by +Heinrich Wagner 
For #HQSPbirds as well.
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Lovely shot, thanks +Stephen Pollard for sharing with the +HQSP Birds theme.

Your post has been re-shared to the theme page by +Andy Brown
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I enjoy Nature, especially birds, love music & simply trying to make it to tomorrow.
I lean to left, but frustrated with politics; passionate about environment and Nature photography; school administrator, weekend cyclist/runner, music lover, dad and husband. 

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Amateur Wildlife Photographer, Dad, Hubby
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