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Kriscinda Lee Everitt
Author, editor, all around Good Egg.
Author, editor, all around Good Egg.


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Busey Monster Face suggests you gets your subs to me, pronto. Second issue's about half-full...

This is Despumation's Google+ community--new and exciting! Marvel at how it's editor awkwardly learn how to use it!

Hello. I am actually +Mara Valderran's editor for her 'Heirs of War' far. She hasn't fired me yet. I was invited here by the same.

I am a writer and freelance editor. I've worked with The Gettysburg Review, The Fourth River, Autumn House Press, and recently Nightscape Press. I'm also the founder and editor of Depumation, a literary journal publishing fiction based on/inspired by extreme (mostly) heavy metal music.

I've been published by Permuted Press, Postscripts to Darkness, Evil Girlfriend Media, and a few others. Currently shopping around a novel MS (for agent or publisher) involving Robert Louis Stevenson, murder, and werewolves. I'm working on the second RLS novel, writing the occasional short story (even occasionally submitting them), and putting together notes and such for an eventual memoir.

Cheers. =)
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