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"Under the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) cycle, the 2016 model year Mirai has a total range of 502 km (312 mi) on a full tank, with a combined city/highway fuel economy rating of 66 mpg (3.6 L/100 km; 79 mpg) equivalent (MPG-equivalent), making the Mirai the most fuel efficient hydrogen fuel cell vehicle rated by the EPA, and the one with the largest range."

"The Mirai has a button labeled  H2O that opens a gate at the rear, dumping the water vapor that forms from the hydrogen-oxygen reaction in the fuel cell.The exhaust  water volume is 240 mL per 4 km running."

If 100.000 diesel cars and taxis in a large city are replaced by hydrogen cars and each car drives daily on average 40 km, then 240 thousand  Liter of water vapor are added to the atmosphere (based on Mirai numbers) each day instead of fossil-fuel emissions. Can hydrogen fuel cell vehicle  make a difference for the local climate in hot dry cities? 
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"Kurt Gödel's achievement in modern logic is singular and monumental – indeed it is more than a monument, it is a landmark which will remain visible far in space and time. ... The subject of logic has certainly completely changed its nature and possibilities with Gödel's achievement." —John von Neumann

"In his family, young Kurt was known as Herr Warum ("Mr. Why") because of his insatiable curiosity."

"Are the axioms of a formal system sufficient to derive every statement that is true in all models of the system?"

"This became the topic that Gödel chose for his doctoral work. In 1929, at the age of 23, he completed his doctoral dissertation under Hans Hahn's supervision. In it, he established the completeness of the first-order predicate calculus (Gödel's completeness theorem). He was awarded his doctorate in 1930. His thesis, along with some additional work, was published by the Vienna Academy of Science."

(first-order theories, predicates are often associated with sets. In interpreted higher-order theories, predicates may be interpreted as sets of sets. No first-order theory, has the strength to uniquely describe a structure with an infinite domain, such as the natural numbers or the real line. Axioms systems that do fully describe these two structures (that is, categorical axiom systems) can be obtained in stronger logics such as second-order logic.)


" In that work he introduced the constructible universe, a model of set theory in which the only sets that exist are those that can be constructed from simpler sets. Gödel showed that both the axiom of choice (AC) and the generalized continuum hypothesis (GCH) are true in the constructible universe, and therefore must be consistent with the Zermelo–Fraenkel axioms for set theory (ZF). This result has had considerable consequences for working mathematicians, as it means that they can assume the axiom of choice when proving the Hahn-Banach theorem. Paul Cohen later constructed a model of ZF in which AC and GCH are false; together these proofs mean that AC and GCH are independent of the ZF axioms for set theory."

Source:ödel Picture:

But is the physical universe constructible? The number PI appears in Schrödinger equation, thus we may assume it has physical significance. A Turing a-machine can compute according to the 1936 paper of Turing the number Pi. To compute this number an arbitrary large number of signs must be printed in a finite time on a paper strip. This requires an infinite countable number of particles. Denote this property as infinite countable external storage resource. The spatial volume must contain an infinite number of particles, otherwise PI it is not part of a constructive universe. If it is infinite and contains a Turing machine, with an infinite external countable storage resource, then however we cannot consider the spatial volume itself as constructible, because we can build an infinite number of Turing machines with infinite countable external storage resources. In this case a Turing machine exists in an spatial volume for any equivalence class of Cauchy sequences with rational numbers and this spatial volume itself is not part of a constructible universe, because it contains all real numbers. 

#Gödel   #Quantum   #Turing   #ParticlePhysics  
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If anyone is aware of an research intitue which is interested in the question, if or if not the physical sciences can be based on constructable  number systems, then please add the link, thanks!
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Jeffery D. Sachs, Professor of Sustainable Development, Columbia University: „The diplomats have done their job, concluding the Paris climate agreement in December. And political leaders gathered last week at the United Nations to sign the new accord. But implementation is surely the tough part. Governments need a new approach to an issue that is highly complex, long term, and global in scale.“


„One key step, I believe, is to remove these issues from short-term electoral politics. Countries should consider establishing politically independent energy agencies with high technical expertise. Of course, key energy decisions (such as whether to deploy nuclear energy or to build a new transmission grid) will require deep public participation, but planning and implementation should be free of excessive partisan politics and lobbying. Just as governments have successfully given their central banks some political independence, they should give their energy agencies enough leeway to enable them think and act for the long term.“

I think such an independent energy agency also requires advanced mathematical models/methods for long term planing and assessment; see also
Following the signing of the Paris Agreement, Jeffrey Sachs looks at how we can implement the policies needed to make effective climate action a reality.
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Antwort auf die Frage der Hamburger Morgenpost "Was macht einen echten Hamburger aus?"

„Hanseatisch sein bedeutet für mich, dass man stolz auf seine Traditionen ist, aber auch bescheiden und tolerant gegenüber anderen. Hanseatisch ist, dass man sich um seine Nachbarschaft und seine Stadt kümmert, aber immer auch über die Stadtgrenzen hinaus in die Welt blickt.

Am meisten mag ich diese Hamburger Art, im Gespräch klar auf den Punkt zu kommen, ohne dem Gesprächspartner gegenüber grob und verletzend zu werden.

Und ganz wichtig ist mir: Hanseatisch ist ein Begriff, der andere nicht ausschließt, sondern einlädt. Seit Jahrhunderten kommen Menschen aus allen Himmelsrichtungen nach Hamburg, um hier mit uns zu leben. Und sie alle werden mit der Zeit selbst zu Hamburgern, weil diese Stadt und ihre Lebensart einfach so ansteckend sind.“
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....und sie alle werden mit der Zeit selbst zu Hamburgern, zumindest alle die es auch wollen. 
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Heute Morgen: Keynote auf der GEMA Hauptversammlung
Die gesamte Rede im Wortlaut:
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Geld wird mit der Verwertung verdient, nicht mit der Publikation neuer Ideen selbst. Leonardo da Vinci musste Kriegsgeräte entwerfen um seinen Lebensunterhalt zu bestreiten, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz beschäftigte sich mit technischen Problemen der Bergwerke im Oberharz und musste die Geschichte der Welfen schreiben - um nur zwei Beispiele zu nennen. Daran hat such bis heute nicht viel geändert, auch wenn es in der Regel keine Kriegsmaschinen mehr sind und eher die Computerindustrie als der Bergbau. Zeitungsberichten über Adlige sind jedoch kommerziell noch immer wichtiger als naturwissenschaftliche Abhandlungen. Diese sind im Gegensatz zu mathematische Algorithmen urheberrechtlich geschützt. 
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"Are there any technologies that worry you? I asked: "The technology that worries me is the old technologies," Shatner said. "The technology of uses of energy and the spilling of toxins into Mother Earth, and we're killing our Earth and nobody is irate about it enough. And not enough people are irate about it. People like yourself — young people like yourself should be screaming at the top of your lungs to the people who lead.""

Well, it seems that today there is more interest in fiction like "Harry Potter", "Lord of the Rings", "The Hunger Games" or "Game of Thrones" then in science. The conflicts between ratio, intuition and rules, which was part of many Star Trek episodes is no longer relevant. For many there is not enough time during the restless  search for an appartment, job, etc. to pause and asked: "Is that right" or "Does this make sense" and many simply don't ask questions anymore. 
Everything written on your smartphone may be stored somewhere in a database and  you don't know who has access to this information. Maybe you can't get a job because the words "he is smart, but asked critical questions" or "is not political  correct and attend a  demonstration" or "Does not like Diesel engines"  are stored in an employers database you never heard of.
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I disagree with a few of president Obama’s policy decisions. But I think these are true words: 
 "Together we can save our planet ..... with confidence in our ability to shape our destiny"
President Obama at the Hannover Messe in Germany (http:://
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An interesting interview with CLAUDE E. SHANNON Conducted by Robert Price on 28 July 1982 ( Cannot make quotes because of copyrights. Shannon mentioned in this interview that problem-solving, rather than concern with the work of his contemporaries, drove his research process. 

From the Wikipedia ( 

"1932, Shannon entered the University of Michigan, where he took a course that introduced him to the work of George Boole. He graduated in 1936 with two bachelor's degrees, one in electrical engineering and one in mathematics. He soon began his graduate studies in electrical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where he worked on Vannevar Bush's differential analyzer, an early analog computer.
While studying the complicated ad hoc circuits of the differential analyzer, Shannon saw that Boole's concepts had great utility. A paper drawn from his 1937 master's degree thesis, A Symbolic Analysis of Relay and Switching Circuits,was published in the 1938 issue of the Transactions of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers. It also earned Shannon the Alfred Noble American Institute of American Engineers Award in 1939. Howard Gardner called Shannon's thesis "possibly the most important, and also the most famous, master's thesis of the century."
Victor Shestakov of the Moscow State University, had proposed a theory of systems of electrical switches based on Boolean logic earlier than Shannon in 1935, but the first publication of Shestakov's result was in 1941, after the publication of Shannon's thesis in the United States.
In this work, Shannon proved that his switching circuits could be used to simplify the arrangement of the electromechanicalrelays that were used then in telephone call routing switches. Next, he expanded this concept; proving that these circuits could solve all problems that Boolean algebra could solve. In the last chapter he diagrams several circuits, including a 4-bit full adder. This is the central circuit in all digital computers.
Using this property of electrical switches to implement logic is the fundamental concept that underlies all electronic digital computers. Shannon's work became the foundation of digital circuit design; as it became widely known in the electrical engineering community during and after World War II. The theoretical rigor of Shannon's work superseded the ad hoc methods that had prevailed previously.
Through the Carnegie Institution, Vannevar Bush suggested that Shannon, emboldened by his master's thesis success, should work on his dissertation at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, in order to develop similar mathematical relationships for quantifying Mendelian genetics. This research resulted in Shannon's doctor of philosophy (Ph.D.) thesis at MIT in 1940, called An Algebra for Theoretical Genetics.
In 1940, Shannon became a National Research Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey. In Princeton, Shannon had the opportunity to discuss his ideas with influential scientists and mathematicians such as Hermann Weyl and John von Neumann, and he also had occasional encounters with Albert Einstein and Kurt Gödel. Shannon worked freely across disciplines, and this ability may have contributed to his later development of mathematical Information Theory."

Did he share the Nobel price with Victor Shestakov?
Claude Shannon's 100th birthday #GoogleDoodle
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"Vehicle exhausts are a major cause of air pollution and the Guardian revealed on Saturday that 97% of all modern diesel cars emit more toxic NOx pollution than the official limit when driven on the road. A less comprehensive government investigation came to a similar conclusions."

"In February, UK ministers backed more realistic EU regulations but these still allow new vehicles to emit double the official limit until 2021 and 50% more afterwards. The MPs report says ministers must instead “argue robustly” for lower limits in future."

"Richard Howard, from thinktank Policy Exchange, welcomed the new report, but said: “It could go even further by making the case for wider fiscal reforms – for example changes to road tax and company car tax to dis-incentivise diesels.”
Jenny Bates, Friends of the Earth air pollution campaigner, said: “Dirty air is already the nation’s biggest killer after smoking. The solutions are out there but we need the government to listen to MPs and campaign groups and take more urgent action now.”"

... is it sufficient if politician listen to politician and lobbyist? 
Cross-party committee of MPs says the government needs to do much more to tackle the crisis, including a scrappage scheme for dirty old diesel cars
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+Rachel Heineman I would like to buy a small electric battery car for around the city, now that there has been a break-through in battery technology.
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NASA Finds Drought in Eastern Mediterranean Worst of Past 900 Years

A new NASA study finds that the recent drought that began in 1998 in the eastern Mediterranean Levant region (, which comprises Cyprus, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, and Turkey, is likely the worst drought of the past nine centuries. Scientists reconstructed the Mediterranean’s drought history by studying tree rings as part of an effort to understand the region’s climate and what shifts water to or from the area. Thin rings indicate dry years while thick rings show years when water was plentiful.

Full story here:

More on Gravity Recovery And Climate Experiment (GRACE):

Where to start when looking for information on climate change?

Check out NASA's Global Climate Change Vital Signs of the Planet website with lots of information on global climate change

Image credit: For January 2012, brown shades show the decrease in water storage from the 2002-2015 average in the Mediterranean region. Units in centimeters. The data is from the Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment, or GRACE, satellites, a joint mission of NASA and the German space agency. NASA / Goddard Scientific Visualization Studio

#science  #earth #mediterranean #drought   #nasa   #climate   #climatechange   #water  #levantregion #grace
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+Dallo Hope and +Libris Fidelis I deleted the last posts, which  are related to an personal discussion between you. 
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"Volkswagen declined to comment, citing the continuing investigation. The company has said that top management was not aware of the cheating software, known as a defeat device. "

"....Volkswagen lawyers said in a court filing, which was obtained by The Times. They further argued that the differences between road emissions and lab emissions were tolerated by regulators.The management board led by Martin Winterkorn, the chief executive who resigned in September after the admission of cheating, repeatedly rebuffed lower-ranking employees who submitted technical proposals for upgrading the emissions controls, according to the two people who attended meetings where the proposals were discussed. The management board rejected the proposals because of cost, the people said." 

"Mr. Winterkorn and other top managers were used to deferential treatment by government officials in Germany, where it is one of the largest employers."

.... after leaving the company top executives lived happily ever after from the collected premiums. The lower-ranked employees where not promoted or lost there job, the top executives who did not mention the problem run today the company. 

When I was a doctorate in Aachen I learned two things: Following the academic hierarchy is of fundamental importance for your career and a good research proposal is one that gets the money, even if it is dead end science.

The German government has funded for decades research on clean Diesel engines  and many students worked for years on related research projects, some of them became VW employees. There was no change to change without an serious setback in there career. I think in this way  the German research politics set the stage for this unbelievable scandal.  

I think politician should not guide science, politics should be guided by science. 
The proposal, discovered as part of the investigations into Volkswagen, provides a direct link to the genesis of the diesel deception.
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The Hydrology and Water Resources Information System for India ( "" ): 

".....The second tract comprises the regions east of the Western Ghats up to a distance of about 300 km from coast. Known as the rain shadow area of the Western Ghats, rainfall in this region is less than 750mm and is highly erratic. This region is thickly populated and periodic droughts cause considerable suffering and distress." 
From deadly protests to billion dollar insurance schemes, we look at the impact of extreme weather and what the world’s fastest growing major economy is doing about it
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+Bernd Einfeldt I did add to the discussion.  Misinformation is always detrimental to conversations.
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"Hodkinson, a former trustee of WaterAid who also works with the World Economic Forum on developing sustainable and resilient cities, said that although most of the urban population growth will take place in Africa and Asia, all cities share similar concerns: housing, crime and infrastructure."
"Putting aside the question of funding, probably every mayor or city leader in the world would have those things at the top of the list,” he said.
“It could be a question of emergency housing for conflict-driven migration or we could be talking about how can you have teachers and nurses and policemen in London when nobody can afford to live here? It’s a question of degree, but the same issues are there in every city"

A political climate agreement, which sets merely limits on climate gases, but contains no realistic examples for climate resistant solutions, such an agreement just delegates tasks and ignores the ongoing changes. Countries and cities alone cannot make laws for the world wide transportation sector to reduce climate gas emissions, to name just one example; see also

Combined challenge of climate change and population growth puts premium on rapid urbanisation ‘in a way that’s not going to kill us’, says head of Arup
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global energy but destroy the world .
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