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Cassandra Hallett
Worked at UMA- Bangor
Attended Mt Blue High School
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  • UMA- Bangor
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  • Mt Blue High School
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Dr. Downey and his staff are outstanding. Their office is extremely kid friendly, from the waiting room with cartoons playing for the kids and different toy stations to keep the kiddos entertained while waiting for their appointments, to the treatment rooms also with tv's to keep the kids preoccupied for a quick and easy cleaning or during treatment. You'll leave with all your questions about your little ones oral health and feeling confident your child's health is top priority to Dr. Downey.
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reviewed 6 months ago
I had such an amazing experience at this chiropractic office, I HAVE to recommend Dr. Justin Quail to everyone. It's rare to find a physician so focused on honest and quality care for their patients. I promise you will not be disappointed with your visit to his office
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Long story short: I would NOT recommend this practice. I was frequently frustrated with the wait to be seen as it was usually 30-60+ after my appointment. I did feel that once I was seen all my questions were answered, however, I never had more than a couple simple questions, but I feel that if I did, the time would have been taken to answer all of them. I thankfully scheduled my appointments on my days off since there is NO way you could schedule an appointment during an actual work day and be seen on your lunch hour or something to that effect since the wait to be seen took so long. My first pregnancy was in another state and ended in a miscarriage so I was looking for a practice that was more understanding of “a nervous mother” as Ms. Tirrell referred me to. This is not the practice for that; I felt more like an insurance claim. What really made my husband and I realize that this practice was not for our family was when we received the results of my Panorama (free cell DNA Screening) when we were told there was a possibility that our baby boy had Trisomy-18. I asked what that meant and I was told, “Don’t worry about it” when I pressed for more information, as I feel a medical personal should have been prepared to give in this type of situation, I was told “Things like this always happen to my nervous mothers…..don’t go and Google it either.” With ZERO information on what my son may have of course we Googled this information the moment we got home. How can parents be given such concerning news and Ms. Tirrell not be prepared with medical journals or informational handouts regarding this disorder. I went back four weeks later for a scheduled check-up, after being in the exam room for 60 minutes past my appointment time I walked out, informing the receptionist that I was unable to wait any longer. I never heard back from the office wanting to reschedule. I was left feeling that now they knew my baby was going to die (Trisomy 18 is labeled “incompatible with life” and they usually end in stillbirth in the second or third trimester) there was no need to check on me. Again, I felt like I was just a source of income and since the reasons of me needing to be seen would soon end what was the point of checking on me. I am appalled at the way Ms. Tirrell handled my pregnancy. I’m sure this review, if they ever read it will come as a surprise though as I never once expressed my frustration, which I regret.
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