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Katherine Tilton
I'm an artist, designer, meditator, blogger and teacher. Interested in creativity, working with my hands, reading and walking in the woods.
I'm an artist, designer, meditator, blogger and teacher. Interested in creativity, working with my hands, reading and walking in the woods.


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A 'Shacket' and a Tunic -- Butterick 6491 and Butterick 6492
Two new patterns from Butterick for late Summer transitioning into Fall. Butterick 6491 - Shirt or Jacket My pattern-maker Stacey calls this a 'shacket' because it combines the best  of a shirt and a jacket  (plus it sounds better than a 'jackirt') .  Some ...

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Pleats & Pockets -- Butterick 6459 & 6461
Nothing like a new shirt and pant to welcome Spring! Even with the wet and gray weather we've been experiencing here in the northwest, sewing with lighter colors and florals brings on a smile. Butterick 6461 Pockets Pant, cropped version. Reminds me of what...

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Pretty in Pink or the Pussyhat Project
It snowed today here in southwest Oregon bringing great beauty into my world this first day of 2017. I was nearly finished  with my next Butterick pattern sample and alway love a small diversion before I completely finish. Making a couple of Pussyhats seeme...

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ParisTilton Discovers Denim in Paris
Atelier Notify in the Bon Marché Denim has certainly been claimed here in the USA  but the fabric originated in France.  'Serge de Nîmes'  ('fabric of Nîmes’)  remains the sturdy textile adopted by  businessman Levi Strauss and tailor Jacob Davis  to create...

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When the sun actually shines on a Sunday in Paris  the day feels somehow more special.  Always laughing with Martine and Marcy. A great Sunday starts at the flea market,  where a search through vintage linen undergarments  produced a beautiful camisole.  Ea...

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Butterick 6381 and 6357 Versatile Vests or Tops
Still high Summer here in Southwest Oregon but I've noticed a crispness in the air  that whispers 'Autumn' as it chills my skin in the morning. Vests are the perfect pieces to move my wardrobe into Fall. This one is also a great piece to take to Paris! I've...

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Paris, May 2016
On the Pont Alexandre III bridge.  Photo by Marcy Tilton Just the word 'Paris'  conjures conflicting concepts   that can  confuse the mind, feed the senses, expand the imagination and ignite the heart. In reality she never disappoints. Typical touristic pur...

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Butterick 6325 -- A Sweet Shirt
Butterick 6325 Totally into shirts these days --  must be Spring!  Perfect weather here in southwest Oregon  and the Bernina has been stitching up  some fun versions of Butterick 6325. This chic version of a classic shirt has a pleated collar,  asymmetrical...

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Paris est vivant!
  Yes, Paris is alive  and from the looks of it still kicking. Paris and all that she stands for cannot be killed. Paris is beauty,  romance,  adventure, friendship, refinement, food, art,  connection,  intimacy,  life, and most important, love. My heart is...

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Paris, Étonnez Moi
Great gratitude for the opportunity to wander Paris  with two groups of wonderful women and continue to be amazed. An abundance of riches — delicious food, fine wine, satisfying shopping, visual feasting, a riot of laughing and new friends. Rain was rare an...
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