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Colin Wishart
Captain of the Kingfisher Deep Sea Charters out of Sydney
Captain of the Kingfisher Deep Sea Charters out of Sydney

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Monday 18th March 2016
Great fishing over the weekend, running into a a patch of teraglin or trag is always worthwhile. These great eating fish are closely related to the jewfish but unlike the latter are only found offshore. They are easily differentiated byt the bright orange insides of their mouth.  Nice kingfish as well but being under size he went back.

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Tuesday 29th March 2016

Saturday Nice Snapper 38cm
Nice Gunard 48cm.
Easter weekend did it's usual with on and off rain and peculiar weather.
Only 16 fishers out over the long weekend but everyone managed to bag something to take home.
The best catch of the weekend went to Will the Deckie with a 38 cm Snapper but the catch of the day went to Quentin with a 48 cm Gunard.

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Monday 7th March 2016

Despite getting very seasick your Dieterich here still managed to land a good sized red rock cock, also known as Eastern scorpion fish.Well done brave young man. Excellent eating, known as ‘the poor man’s lobster” but don’t get pricked by it’s dorsal spines you will cry for a week !

Monday 29th February 2016

It has certainly been a summer of the snapper. This delicious eating fish prefers colder water and tends to move South in summer but for some reason this year they have been on the bite right throughout the summer season. Anyway they are always very welcome.

Monday 15th February 2016

There wasn’t that much of a swell on Sunday but due to sea sickness it was decided that we would fish in the harbour. We were rewarded with some delicious flounder of a very good size !

Monday 8th February 2016

For the 3rd year Deep Sea Charters was proud to assist in sponsoring the Shit Box Rally . A great day out with some good catches. Lots of fun for all.

“Thanks again for yesterday, it was a great day as always. Here's some pics we took. Bronie may have a couple more. Love the shot of the flatty with the Shitbox T-shirt in the background - we didn't even do it on purpose.

Happy boating

Russ and Nat

Monday 21st December 2015

This season has really being the summer of the flatheads with specimens over 50cm like this 58cm beauty being the norm rather than the exception ! From all of us at Deep Sea Charters we wish you and yours a very merry Christmas !

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Monday 14th December 2015

This is a beautiful specimen of the red rock cod as it is commonly known. More accurately it is the Southern red scorpion fish. These guys are beautiful eating, sometimes called the poor man’s lobster. Do not under any circumstances get pricked by the dorsal spines or you’ll cry for a week !!

Monday 7th December 2015

Fantastic weather and fishing this past week the top catch being the 66cm Kingfish below. Deep sea fishing is a great way to celebrate a bucks party ! Good clean fun, haha !

Monday 30th November 2015

We had one very happy birtday boy aboard Reef Runner yesterday ! Being Sydney's most popular deep sea fishing charter outfit means we get a lot of foreign tourists coming out with us. This happy lady from the Netherlands caught her first of a half dozen flatheads which she kindly gave to the other passengers as they can’t cook ‘em in the hotel !!
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