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Peter Beck Kim
Caring with love, family, bodywork, and electrons
Caring with love, family, bodywork, and electrons

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Han, Leia and Ben Solo family photo 

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Attention: this is the early warning.

We really, really don't want to be telling survivors why we ignored it.

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To prep for backpacking, condition for grappling and boxing, lowering blood pressure...sometimes simplest is best.

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Per FutureMed 2013 last November, time until computing power available equivalent to a human brain: 10 years. Time until computing network power equal to the processing capacity of the entire human race: 20 years.

Here is step one.

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In just 5 min, 2 seconds, I'm going to show you how A.I., 3D Printing, Robotics, Synthetic Biology, Computing and Sensors all fit together.

Check out this +TheDrawShop video.

My mission is to show you how exponential technologies are transforming our business, lives and culture. Regardless of whether you join Abundance 360 or attend a +Singularity University Executive program, you need to know this stuff.

This video was first shown at this year's Abundance 360 Summit, and illustrates the powerful implications of six technologies I'm excited about for 2014.

Please share the link with your friends, family and teams.

I'll continue to share articles and short videos like this with you to update you on what's coming. But if you want my personal coaching on how to apply these topics in your life and business, Abundance 360 is the place to be:

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Just wanted to quickly share an important technology story that is breaking... If you're like me, about halfway through the day, you find yourself urgently searching for an outlet to charge your phone, then waiting an hour to get to 30 percent.

A company based out of Tel Aviv called StoreDot seems to have invented a battery technology that can charge your phone's entire battery in under one minute. In fact, they did it with an adapted Samsung Galaxy S3 in 30 seconds... Here's the video: Charging Smartphone in 30S: StoreDot Flash-Battery Demo

Wow. Sign me up.

The nanotechnology powering this system was actually discovered through Alzheimer's research. A particular protein that shortens neurons (causing Alzheimer's) also showed particularly high capacitance, demonstrating a property called "charge trapping" -- and you've heard me discuss this idea, that breakthroughs come from "orthogonal thinking." That it comes from very unexpected places, disconnected from experts. (I define experts as those people who tell you exactly how something can't be done.)

Think about the multi-billion dollar markets this technology impacts: batteries, displays, image sensors, and memory on mobile devices.

The founder plans to have the company's products ready for marketing in 2015 and on sale in 2016.

Stay tuned for more - this is a technology I'm tracking and will report on at our next Abundance 360 Summit. For more info on A360, apply at the link below. 


P.S. For more info on StoreDot, click here:

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They're fine, unless they're not, for you.

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Quite possibly the perfect blend of tasty cooked veggies - Paleo style. 
Wondering what's for dinner?  How about this Korean {Cauliflower} Fried Rice.  A fantastic take on the Korean dish, Bibimbap.  Made paleo with cauliflower rice.  I LOVE the healthfulness and flavor of this dish.  Here's the whole recipe for you, or you can click through to Print and Pin it for Later.  Enjoy this fabulous recipe from +Naomi Huzovicova .

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Bibimbap, Korean (Cauliflower) Fried Rice


1/2 large cucumber (150g/5oz)
1/2 small zucchini (100g/3.5oz)
1 large carrot (100g/3.5oz)
small chunk crinkly cabbage (100g/3.5oz)
10 oz (300g) ground meat
16 oz (450g/3 cups) cauliflower OR 3 cups cooked short grain rice
1/3 cup (80ml) sesame seeds
1/3 cup (80ml) butter or olive oil
3 Tbsp (45ml) tamari (or coconut aminos + additional salt)
hot red pepper sauce
fat for sauteing


1. Grate vegetables into a large bowl.

2. In a little fat, brown the ground meat in a frying pan over med-high heat and add to bowl.

3. Process the cauliflower through a food processor until rice sized. Add a little fat into the frying pan and add cauliflower and a bit of water and saute.

The cauliflower should be cooked and soft but still with some bite, not mush. (omit this step if using rice) Add cauliflower (or rice) to large bowl.

4. Pour sesame seeds onto a clean dry pan and shake to distribute the seeds. Heat at medium heat, occasionally shaking to prevent burning. When the seeds are brown and fragrant, add to the large bowl.

5. Pour oil or let butter melt on top of the hot ingredients. Pour over tamari and mix well.

6. Serve and add hot sauce to individual bowls. Enjoy!

#lowcarb   #paleo   #cauliflowerrice  

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90 days and counting. FDA open to suggestions on how to regulate health IT henceforth.

I hope all you #mHealth folk out there are listening...
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