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Amber Black
funny, whimsical, nerdy, hard-working, sassy, smart, studious, sincere, helpful, inappropriate (at times)
funny, whimsical, nerdy, hard-working, sassy, smart, studious, sincere, helpful, inappropriate (at times)

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Stepford Faith
I have made it no secret that I have been walking through a
tunnel in my spiritual journey.  I am
wading through murky waters clinging to my beliefs but being bogged down by
hurt and pain.  I have found that God
still speaks to me even when my faith is fade...

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Trust, Peace, Faith...You Know, the Hard Words
I love this picture of my husband and our nephew.  I did not love the moments before this
picture was taken.  Our nephew, J, is
fearless.  My husband loves to exploit
the fact that he’s taller than everyone in my family…not really, he just loves
J and wants...

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What Are You Good For?
In our
homeschooling day, I used the Magic Tree House series to put together unit
studies for my kiddos.   Each book takes
the main characters, Jack and Annie, through time to visit different
places.   They travel to prehistoric
times, to China, to Egypt, t...

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A Christmastime Ache
My Daddy and Me, Dec. 2000 I absolutely love Christmastime.  However, there is an ache in my heart every Christmas Eve.  Many years ago, my Daddy passed away on Christmas Eve.  To compact the hurt that comes with remembering his passing, my Daddy and I were...

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Our Best Christmas Ever
3 of our kiddos. I am one of those people.  The ones who put up a Christmas tree on November 1st.  The kind that has more totes of Christmas decorations than regular home decor.  The person who plays Christmas music non-stop for two months.  The one who wou...

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That Newlywed Feeling
There are several reasons why God designed marriage the way He did in the Bible.  His perfect plan unites husband and wife for as long as they both shall live.  However, we are broken people.  We are selfish, we struggle, we get bored, we covet, we wish for...

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Christmas List
Christmas 2015, Atlanta Oh, how I love Christmas!  There's just so much that I enjoy about the season.  In every home I've lived in as an adult, the rooms have been filled with trees, decorations, and music.  We fill every room with Christmas music for two ...

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When Fear Wins
When I was in high school, I had a very wise friend--wise beyond her years.  She was thoughtful and compassionate.  She was a great listener.  She was a prayer warrior, even as a teenager.  There were many times when we would talk.  I often veered the conve...

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Church Hurt
As far back as I can remember, I have been in church.  My parents were never Sunday morning pew-fillers.  They were the people who jumped in, helped however they could, used their gifts to serve others, were greatly involved in fellowship, and who left our ...
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