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Replacing the Rubber Suunto straps with something better
Replacing the Rubber Suunto straps with something better


I just had probably the most complimentary letter posted to my wall here from a Fellow Dive named Dan.
I'm almost hesitant to post it, because it may look like I wrote it myself, however I would disagree with him on two points.
1st off, I like my own Tibby-Adapter Zulu straps better than the Maratac ones, mainly because mine are slightly thicker.
However if I don't have any stock like right now, I
recommend to people that they buy a Maratac straps myself, if they can get them, I know that when i tried to buy them here in Thailand, the only way I could get them is to as a mate to buy them, and bring them over.
However when I tried to pay for them, they wouldn't let me, and after writing to them again asking if there was anyway I could make the whole process as easy as possible, I didn't even get a reply. Good product, Customer service isn't so hot, or so I thought.

2nd was when Dan says that they fit so well, they look like they were made by Suunto.
As nice as that sounds, my adapters are all identical, but there has been a very few fitting issues (on the D6's only)
They can fit perfectly, but can be a little loose one one side, or I have even encountered two that i had to file the anchor hole a little so the screw would seat all the way in the watch.

In all the pairs I have sold, I have been contacted about twenty times for fit problems on the D6 adapters.
In the past year of all the adapters I have sold, I had one warranty problem, on one side of a pair of the titanium D9 sets, the screw holes were slightly too large and the screws didn't fit properly.
I sent a replacement side before I received the faulty one, just because i figure customer service IS important.

So with that said, here's a copy of what Dan wrote on the wall here today.
PS: Thanks Dan, the note is a really great compliment to my products.

I just received my Tibby adapters for my Suunto D9 today. I was very impressed by their fit, finish, and quality - all of which absolutely blew me away!! I have both the Suunto rubber and titanium bands for my D9 and, now that I have the Tibby adapters, I doubt that either will ever be used again. I mounted the adapters on my D9 and attached a 24mm Maratac 2-piece Zulu band in olive drab (I have a black one and several Waterborne straps that I may use as well). I may even use some of the many bands in my collection for my Panerai watches (which are also 24mm). One of my issues with Suunto has always been the non-standard bands that eventually become unavailable. The Tibby adapters allow you to use any 24mm watchband for almost infinite possibilities. They fit so perfect that I have trouble believing that Sunnto didn't make them..

In addition, Duke was great to work with. I think he put my order in the mail within minutes of my placing it. Even from Thailand to the US, the shipping was surprisingly fast. When I add a D6 to my collection of dive computers, i will order the adapters from Duke for it. If he made them for a Spyder or Stinger (which, of course are not needed - unusual for Suunto), I'd buy them as well. I think that he has a great product that is worth a lot more that he is charging.

Many many thanks Duke!!

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the new Tibby 3 Ring Zulu straps.
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Hey Everyone,

We are still all out of Black 5 ring Zulu straps,
(it shouldn't be that much longer though,
I do have some of the new Tibby Straps available.
These are the Three ring Zulu straps, not the 5 ring ones.
Two colours are available, a Dark Green, and A lighter Coffee colour.

If you want one of these straps, order the Adapters with any strap, and when your paying on the Pay-Pal site, there is a "Note to seller" area, just put your Colour preference there.

here's a Pic of the colour of these straps.
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I received a really nice letter today from Dan, a Florida based Diver who bought a set of Tibby-Adapters for the D6/D6i and one of my Zulu Straps.
Here it is:

Hi Duke
Got the strap today, also picked up my computer from getting a new battery.

The workmanship and quality of the adapters and strap are superb. Without reading the instructions, I was quickly able to fit the pieces and strap. It was a little difficult to pull the strap through under the bars, but I think the nice tight fit is a good thing.

The adapters fit perfectly and look great on the D6. The thing I like about the adapter and zulu strap is that all of the attachment mechanisms are redundant. Two bars, and I love how the strap that hangs after the "belt" mechanism can be wrapped around to prevent it from flopping around AND to provide an additional securing mechanism.

I lost this computer in 144 ft of water where it sat for a week before being recovered (thus the dead battery). I am really happy to have my computer back and to have a mechanism that I have 100% confidence in moving forward.

Good job with this, I will recommend this (and show it off) to anyone who will listen!

At the dive shop where I had the battery replaced (they sent it out) they asked me every time I called whether I wanted a new strap (also the battery guys asked). I will definitely show off this handsome and tough as nails strap. You were absolutely right, the original plastic strap is complete crap and doomed to fail over and over. Complete waste of time! I am surprised that such a nice and expensive computer would have such a complete junk for a strap.

Thanks again and excellent work!
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These are the new Tibby-Adapters for the Suunto D9, but with a Brushed finish.
They match your watch if it doesn't look brand new anymore (like mine)
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Here's some shots of the new D9 Tibby Adapters
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January 9, 2012 (16 photos)
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Suunto D6 Alternate Strap
January 9, 2012 (5 photos)
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Just a quick hello and Happy New Year to everyone from Tibby-Adapters,
We still have some of the D6's in stock, and the D9's should be done any day now.

Also a quick reminder, these only fit the Suunto D6 Dive Computer, the D9's are overdue, so they could come any day now.
The D9's will be a few dollars more, because of the material they are made from, also they are heavier than the stainless ones, because the D9's are a "Chunkier" watch.
I've seen the prototype, and these things will look great on your older D9, I cant wait for my own set :)
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