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+Ingress +NIA Ops +Niantic

I loved your most recent email update, as I usually do. But please please please... Do not link videos to sites that require a login/pw to view them. If you cannot remember how to make a YouTube video, there are plenty of agents that can help. Many of us don't use (and don't want to use) Facebook.

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Michael Flood

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Nice detail in this comparative analysis.
This might just be the best comparison of #PokémonGo and #Ingress yet. I second everything except the bit about green being the best. Sorry, you're just wrong there.

If you're looking for a game that requires you to go outside and play well with others, Ingress is it. There are epic adventures to be had with incredible new friends. Come join us.
We'd love to have you as a member of the Resistance. 
Pokémon Go already has a roadmap to become a better game
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Michael Flood

Inevitable Instructors  - 
This is a fantastic article to get you thinking about some back-end internet workings and how they translate to real life... Have you ever tried to map an IP address of a person who has wronged you in a game or on a forum?  Interesting stuff here.
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Great article , thanks Michael!
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Michael Flood

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Millions of children can't do their homework because they don't have access to broadband internet...
Jessica Rosenworcel is a member of the US Federal Communications Commission. She will speak at the Festival on June 30th on a panel called “Closing the Digital Divide.” Below, Ro
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Michael Flood

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If you remember the Augmented Reality Game, Ingress, the same makers (Niantic) have been working with The Pokémon Company and Nintendo on Pokémon Go - an augmented reality themed around capturing Pokémon in the real world.  The game is currently in Beta, and I have been in the beta for the past 3 weeks or so.  I cannot share media but I can share some thoughts and discuss in person for folks at ISTE.  I'm hoping to make it (albeit, late) to the LAN party and the Ingress table.
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hmm. maybe we can find a leaked video up on YouTube to show ahead of time.
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Michael Flood

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Are you a Homework Gap Hero? Take the quiz now to find out and join the League of Equity!
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The slow degradation of the +Niantic portal database...

Yet again, in my local area, we have a portal that is gone. Just within 15 km of my home I know of at least a dozen portals that no longer exist. At the same time, new things have arisen that are portal-worthy. Reporting "Invalid Portal" / "Does Not Exist" gets no action, so I'm more interested in the long-term view of Niantic's database. They used this database for Pokemon Go as well, so now that game has invalid locations too.

With New Portal Submissions removed and Portal Edits being ignored, what can we do? Has anyone found a better way to get portals removed that no longer exist than in-game reporting?

On a related note, should portals be removed (properly) even while no new portals are allowed? This would just thin out the map over time...

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+Mick Preston I have always been part of the Portal Appeals community, but I don't think it is worth wasting their time with REMOVALS... I just reported another one today where the building (windmill) was bulldozed down and is now gone.  My portal removal submissions have ALWAYS been ignored for about 2 years now.
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Michael Flood

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There are many reasons why Ingress is the superior Niantic offering, despite its more cultish appeal.
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Michael Flood

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This was very well done.
Since early last year, most of my free time has been spent playing Ingress, a game in which players battle for control of real-world locations, by actu ...
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Great article I shared in my FB feed.
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Michael Flood

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When 3,100 teachers were surveyed by the Gates Foundation in November 2015 about the biggest barriers to using digital resources, the most common response was “My students do not have access to technology outside of the classroom.”The lack of access to high-speed internet and its impact on learning
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UPDATE: Teams are now seeing their badges.  Thanks to +Niantic for listening to the community who cares so much about the game that they participate in every event however they can.  And thanks for the official responses in this thread acknowledging the POC's role in organizing and crediting agents.

As stated below, if anyone still has issues, I suggest reaching out to your the city/faction POCs for the site you were involved with.

-- Original post --

+Ingress +Niantic +NIA Ops We are hearing some troubling information about a decision announced Tuesday (3 days after the anomaly) to not grant (or even revoke) Abaddon badges for remote recharge teams and related off-site support.  This was supposedly said by someone from Niantic and we have confirmed agents have lost their badges they previously had - even folks who had been on ground teams in Boston but were remote recharge in Charlotte had their badges revoked!

I'd like to hear some official word on who exactly is getting their badges revoked or who no longer qualifies?  This decision was made after-the-fact.  Based on what we've heard - remote rechargers, operators, lane clearers, blockers, strategic fielders, shard teams, key mules and organizing leadership may all have their badges revoked or not granted if they weren't physically in one of the 4 cities on site the day of the anomaly -- IS THIS TRUE?
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Or why not switch up the cities so people that can't travel far have a chance at participating. They use the same cities all the time.
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