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Southern Exposure Landscapes, LLC

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Tree Service

Your property and your home is one of the largest investments you will make in your lifetime. For this reason and many more we know how important the maintenance and care of your trees truly are. For example, a weak limb on a tree near your house runs the risk of breaking, causing significant damage and potential injury to your family. A diseased tree can easily spread the infection to other plants and trees in your yard. With our years worth of experience, Southern Exposure Landscapes, LLC is experienced and qualified to remedy any situation which may occur on or around your property.

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Our Services

We’re a full-service landscaping company that’s ready to make the lawns and gardens look great. How do we do it? By offering a wide array of landscaping and ground maintenance services, including:

Trenching and ground prep
Sod installation and seeding
Sprinkler set-up
Turf care and maintenance
Tree maintenance
Landscape consulting and installation

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Whether you are looking for maintenance on your garden or to create a new garden, Southern Exposure Landscapes, LLC is your premier choice.

With decades of experience planting techniques, your new landscape is sure to exceed even your greatest dreams. We will work with you to plan and design your project then execute said plan on time and on budget. Our focus is creating your outdoor space efficiently with the best products on the market.

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Fair or unfair, your home’s exterior is the measuring stick many use to determine not only its value, but also the time and effort you put into maintaining it. Your landscaping plays a huge role in its overall appearance. Step outside and take a good look at yours. Is your lawn a uniform shade of lush green, or is it spotted by yellow patches? Do your flower beds look like they got the TLC they needed this spring, or are weeds pushing your annuals and perennials out? How are your trees doing? When was the last time they were pruned? While analyzing these things, you’ve likely begun to make a mental checklist of tasks that need to be done. We here at Southern Exposure Landscapes, LLC can check every one of those off for you.

Call us today! (251) 747-2754

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