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Florapy Beauty | Review
Florapy Beauty was kind enough to send me two of their sheet masks awhile back. I like most face masks but sheet masks are always a hit or miss for me. I feel like they never stay on my face and are always too messy. But regardless, I was still eager to tes...

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VIDEO | Mexico Trip
I visited Mexico for the first time in April! Here is a short little video of some of the things I saw while I was down there. I will be having a whole blog post dedicated to Mexico going up very soon!  Check out my new Youtube Channel and subscribe if you ...

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Disneyland Vlog
So, I recently started a Youtube channel to document some of the cool things I do and I will eventually put up some different kind of videos later as well. If you want to check it out and subscribe, feel free! I would really appreciate it. Just please keep ...

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My First Trip to Disneyland!
I visited Disneyland for the first time this past New Years. I was so incredibly excited. My whole life I had always wanted to go but never had the chance until now. I was not disappointed.  We spent two full days there and every day was an adventure. I was...

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Maple Holistics | Review
Maple Holistics is a brand committed to using natural and healthy ingredients to improve your hair, skin, and hygiene. I'm always looking for new hair products and face products to try, so the moment they reached out to me, I said of course! I browsed throu...

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Autumn in Ohio
Hi everyone! I'm back with some photos I snapped of fall this year around my hometown. Unfortunately I always forget how fleeting fall is. It happens so suddenly and leaves so soon (pun...intended?), anyway I know everyone claims that autumn is their favori...

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Mansfield Reformatory
Something that I really wanted to do this year was visit the Mansfield Reformatory. Mansfield isn't too far from me, about an hour away, so it was insane that I hadn't visited it sooner! I think a large fraction of people visit because this is where parts o...

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The Walking Dead Season 6 Ep. 1 | First Time Again
Finally! The Walking Dead has returned and so have my recaps. I know most of my blog lately has been recaps and I'm really sorry for that! I have been feeling unmotivated lately when it comes to photographing things and writing, but I'm trying to work on so...

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RECAP: Fear The Walking Dead Ep. 6 | The Good Man
With the Fear The Walking Dead's Season 1 finale, I can finally see how they want to leave their first season of the spin off and what we may expect in the second season. I was excited to see what shocking and exciting things they would include in the final...
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