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What is App ranking algorithm definition ?
Mobile app ranking algorithms are programs used by “apps stores” like App Store or Android Play to determine display order of apps on their pages.
App ranking algorithms are notably based on download volumes and growth, and customer reviews.
App ranking algorithms are analyzed as for search engine algorithms and many third party services offer to manipulate app rankings in the App Store. Some of this services employ bots to automatically download apps.

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Computer Support a phone call away.
Each one of us use computer today. As it has become an essential and undetachable part of our life. It can be in any form be it mobiles, laptops, desktops, or any other device. They all are inspired from the same technology.

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RankBrain was announced in the fall of 2015, and it was also a unique change to the Google algorithm. With this update, the search engine ventured into the world of AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning.
This system was designed to learn and predict user behaviors, which helps Google interpret and respond to the hundreds of millions of completely unique, never-before-seen queries that it encounters each day.
It is also assumed that RankBrain helps Google to interpret content and intent in some way. Although Google has given little information about how their new AI works, they have said that it has become the third most important ranking signal. For site owners, this has placed an even greater emphasis on creating content that matches the user intent.
Since RankBrain has gone live, some marketers have spoken about the importance of making sure that the technical side of SEO, such as schema markup, is all up to date. It is likely that as search engines become more dependent upon AI, these little details will become significant.

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What is Type-in traffic definition ?
Type-in traffic is "natural" and direct traffic resulting from users entering directly a domain name, including the extenson, in a browser address bar. Type-in traffic is one of different kinds of direct traffic reported in web analytics data.
Type-in traffic can be due to domain or company notoriety, to typos, or to web users trying their luck by entering a generic term with an extension - for instance. The last two forms off type-in traffic are almost the only source of traffic and revenue for parked domains.
Type-in traffic has been dwindling for many years and is still decreasing as users are more and more inclined to type domain names in search engine’s search boxes rather than in the address bar.

What is URL-based DNI definition ?
URL-based DNI (Dynamic Number Insertion) is a call tracking technique that allows marketers to dynamically assign unique phone numbers to specific URLs.
A marketer chooses a trackable phone number into the number pool (or the number is automatically assigned) for each URL he wants to track.
According to tracking needs and budgets, a single URL may be used for each media (PPC, social media, email, display, etc.) or different URL for each campaign (social post, ads, PPC ads, or PPC). Thus, URL-based DNI allows marketer to track specific ads.

What is ‪#‎Positionbased‬ attribution definition ?
A position based attribution model is an attribution model which gives conversion credit to digital marketing channels according to their places in the path to conversion.
More often, a bonus is given to the first and the last channel. The first for creating awareness and the last for closing the sale.
For instance, with the Doubleclick DFA default position based model, 40% credit is assigned to the first interaction, 20% credit is assigned to the middle interactions, and 40% credit is assigned to the last interaction.
Last click and first click attribution models are particular forms of position based attribution models in which all credit is given to a single touch point.
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