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Painting the Fall
It felt a lot like summer today …75 degrees!  WOW! 
The Sheriff and I spent quite a bit of time outdoors playing today, but,
I also set up a craft project for him that I saw on Pinterest.  The project was painting leaves with chalk
markers.  Chalk markers? ...
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Homemade Ice-Cream ...Finally!
Well, I finally did it--I bought an ice-cream maker!  I
have always wanted to have one of my own, but never did the research to see how
difficult it was to make homemade ice-cream! 
Turns out, it’s very easy to make and did I mention…delicious! I started ou...
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Patriotic Bandanna Wreath
Is there anything more country &
farm-ish than bandannas?  I love
bandannas and Old Glory, so when I saw this wreath on Pinterest, I just knew I
had to make it.  It’s super easy too, but
I do want to warn you that this can be costly (at least in my opinion)...
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Sacrifices & the cost of living simple
Sacrifices, we’ve all done them; some are easy and some, not
so easy.  In an effort to move closer to
our dream of living on our farm, we had to sacrifice.  The first sacrifice was selling our home that
my husband and I built together.  It took
us 10 years ...
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Made with Love by Mom!
Back on July 27, 2012........ Today was a great day! The reason it was so great is that I was able to spend it with my Mom!! We had been planning a day of sewing together for quite some time and today’s agenda included cloth napkins which we made from scr...
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Finally....a Clothesline!
Finally……I have
my own clothesline!!!!!  Isn’t this just
great???!!! I know…. you are
probably thinking, “What’s the big deal?” 
Well, I’ve wanted a clothesline for years now, but couldn’t have one
where I lived before; so in order to make up for the loss o...
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Fixin’ Fences & Making Memories
As we prepare to bring our small herd over to our farm, the fencin’ needed fixin’ first.  This part
of the pasture has beautiful stone walls but, they are not high enough to
keep the cows in, so adding electric fencing is a must.   Pictured below is the May...
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Carrot French Fries
I enjoy cooking
from scratch and am always looking for simple recipes that taste good especially vegetable recipes.  My family
and I could certainly use more vegetables in our diet, so I was super excited
when I found a recipe for carrot fries. 
I must conf...
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Rebuilding the Coop
Hi Y'all, Here's a picture of our coop when we purchased the farm and as you can see, the coop was in rough shape.  Before the Mayor could even begin his work, he had to remove all of the overgrown brier patches, broken windows, garbage and rocks... and tha...
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Hi Y’all, my name is Claudine and I want to welcome you to the Lewis Family Farm!  We are so glad that you stopped by!  Joining me on this thrilling journey is my brilliant & wonderful husband who we will refer to as the “the Mayor”. He has been given this ...
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