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I'm using TuneIn radio with chromecast audio. Is there any way I can have an single icon or widget which will both start a predefined station and pick the chromecast device automatically? Trying to make it easy for the wife ;) 

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Hi, there appears to be a problem with v0.7 of the Unofficial Hive Widget.   Would anyone who is having the problem be able to assist me in some testing so I can resolve the issue please?  My widget appears to be working okay which is why its difficult to test the 403 errors which some users appears to be getting.

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Don't want to blow my own trumpet, but I still prefer the one I wrote a couple of years back.

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Latest version of the App v0.5 with bug fixes and improvements to status.  Also, right press on the widget to launch the official Hive app.

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Like the look of this. Possible for integration into the hive app? 
I love how my house heating gotten smarter with the last feature I've developed!

This is what my Pi tells me:
"[04:47:38]   heating needed now to reach goal (2.10 C) in 2.21 h"

Based on empyrical values and approximation, the app calculates the heating efficiency (Cph variable in log) based on the difference of outside to inside/target temperature (delta in log excerpt) and uses that to calculate how much in advance (timeToReachTempDiff) it needs to turn on the heating to reach the deficit (tempDiffToReach) behind the next preset temperature. 

For example, it's enough for me to set a morning (let's say 07:00) temp. target as 21°C (just as in the log excerpt) and the app would start heating as early as needed (in this case, 04:47) to reach that goal.

Log excerpt:
[04:47:38] config-tools.shouldStartHeating(),17,18.9,-1.6
[04:47:38] config-tools.getNextTimeTable()
[04:47:38]   tempDiffToReach=,2.10
[04:47:38]   delta=,20.5
[04:47:38]   Cph=,0.9499999999999997
[04:47:38]   timeToReachTempDiff=,2.21,hours
[04:47:38]   target_date=,Fri Nov 29 2013 07:00:00 GMT+0100 (CET)
[04:47:38]   shouldStartAt=,Fri Nov 29 2013 04:47:24 GMT+0100 (CET)
[04:47:38]   heating needed now to reach goal (2.10 C) in 2.21 h
[04:47:38]   shouldStartHeating=,true
[04:47:38] gpio-tools.regulateHeating(),true
[04:47:38] gpio-tools.getHeaterState()
[04:47:38]   heaterState=,0
[04:47:38] gpio-tools.setPumpState(),1
[04:47:38]   Pump set to,1
[04:47:41] gpio-tools.setHeaterState(),1
[04:47:41]   Heater set to,1

Oh, yes, in case you're wondering I'm doing this on the heater/boiler + pump system that has no (room) thermostat capability. Just two on-off switches (for the heater and pump) and a regulator of water temperature.

NB: the project (code) is not yet ready for sharing, so in due time...

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Only just realised I've not put a link to the forum here. So here it is. Why not sign up and join the discussions. 

No G+ community so thought I'd create one seeing as I've had a 1st attempt at installation today :(  They're coming back on Friday to try again :)

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Some fun for those of you with kids!! and maybe for those without!!
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