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Visiting the happiest place in the world tomorrow. Thought I would share my happiest place watches .

Links will be added tomorrow.. As I walk around Mickeys  place.

1933 Ingersoll Mickey Mouse Pocket Watch.. This was the first Mickey mouse Watch..

Mickey - Golf (Gerald Genta Based)

Mickey Mouse - Disco Mickey 1977 Bradley Watch Co.

Mickey Mouse - Diver watch (ALBA) v2

Mickey Mouse - Gerald Genta Racing v1.1

Mickey Mouse - Gerald Genta v4.0

Mickey Mouse - Sailor ( Gerald Genta) v2.2

Mickey - Aviator v2.1

Seiko Quartz Chrono Alarm -Mickey Mouse

Rolex Daytona Mickey (John Mayer) v2.9

Mickey Mouse - Magician

Mickey Mouse Bicentennial (Bradley) v1.5

Bradley - Mickey and Minnie Mouse Disco Nodder v1.1

Lorus Astronaut Mickey

Lourus - Mickey Airplane

Laughing Mickey Mouse - Lorus M5782-1

Melvin's watch--- three Eyed Mickey

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Love him!!!
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I sell out arenas, call that gettin dome!
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Feeling good got the burberry sunnies on and is going to be a good day!!!!
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Why can I not find any tennis partners here that can actually play tennis???!!!!!
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Finally home
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First post on Google plus n living the layout super cute!!!
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