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I'm Brandon Corbin

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Using and Javascript, I’ve created a stand alone Google+ Mac App for Hangouts. Dock badge partially works for new messages. Maybe this will entice me to use Google+ more often. 

What's your favorite source for local news?

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Sky is on fire. 

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I've been experimenting with Ghost, a new Node based blogging platform ( Yesterday, it was put to the test and passed with flying colors. An hour after posting  "4 Reasons to use a paper based task manager" to Hacker News, it landed on the home page.  My server proceeded to get pounded for 10 hours (10,000 uniques) and Ghost didn't even blink. Hell, the overflow traffic to my old Wordpress site brought it to a crawl.

Ghost has officially sealed it's fate as my exclusive blogging platform.

  #dev #node #ghost #wordpress  

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